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A minor update is being released to all users.

This contains minor fixes and improvements based on feedback from the major October release: Major Update – Migration Manager.

A full list of everything includes is set out below.

What is in the Update

This update includes the following:

  • Accounts
    • Reports – Fixed an error received when trying to generate a report if no financial year end date had been set in preferences
  • Client Detail
    • Fixed an error received when trying to change the Primary Applicant
    • Future Events tab – Add additional fields for recording organiser details
    • Relations tab – Add an option to specify that a person is dependent on someone other than the primary applicant
    • Witness Details – Number of years known. Modify to allow the typing of words instead of just a number
  • Portal and Progress Items
    • Portal – Fixed an issue activating the Portal where the End of Financial Year date had not been set
    • Progress (tab) – Fixed an error received when ticking the Decision item and trying to link a decision document
    • Progress (tab) – Fixed an error received when ticking the Decision progress item and trying to set a future progress item date
  • Snapshot / Task Inbox
    • Inbox – Fixed an issue where snapshot was showing more documents then were in the inbox. In limited circumstances Inbox was not showing items which had been sent internally.
  • Tools Menu
    • Archiving – Fixed an error received when trying to archive a matter
  • Other
    • Fixed an issue where Migration Manager would show an error if FIPS was enabled.
    • Fixed an issue causing Migration Manager to become unresponsive after the update if there were a lot of items in the Inbox

Full details on what is included in this and previous Portal and Web Questionnaire updates can be found on our release notes: Release Notes


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