Minor Update – Migration Manager – 8821

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A minor update is being released to all users.

This contains minor fixes and improvements based on feedback from the major October release: Major Update – Migration Manager.

A full list of everything includes is set out below.

What is in the Update

This update includes the following:

  • Accounts
    • Invoice – Fixed an error received when adjusting an invoice with more than 300 line entries in it
    • Preferences – Fixed an issue where changing the default invoice template was not saving
  • Client Detail
    • Coverpage – Setting of an archive date will prompt the user to archive the matter via the archive tool
    • Future Events tab – added new fields for Subclass 400 WCIQ
    • Fixed an issue where having multiple entries on the cover note was causing matters to open and respond slowly
    • Humanitarian tab – Fixed an layout issue that was resulting in the Add and Remove buttons being hidden for some screen resolutions
    • Nominations tab – Added 494 as a nomination option
    • Nominations tab – Moved RSMS to the Repealed nomination options
    • Skills tab – Updated the points table for recent schedule 6 changes
    • Sponsor – Staff tab – Added a field for recording 494 visa holder numbers
  • File Notes
    • Fixed an issue where the Tab control was not moving between the text fields
  • Preferences
    • Staff Targets – Fixed an issue where Staff Targets in Preferences was showing multiple rows for each user
  • Progress and Portal
    • Progress (tab) – Added a user settings menu button to the Progress tab so that users can easily set their scan and column visibility preferences
  • Reports
    • Fee Earner Target Performance Report – Fixed an error received if staff target had been set to 0
    • User Defined Reports – Fixed an issue where the Progress Item User Comments column was not showing comments from prior to the update
    • User Defined Reports – Added fields for Most Recent User Comments on all progress items
  • Tools
    • Archiving – Fixed an error received when trying to archive files when using Google Drive
    • Tools – Added a user guide for Template Letter Setup
  • Other
    • Open Window – Fixed an issue where it was no longer possible to copy the Matter ID by right clicking an entry on the Open window.

Full details on what is included in this and previous Portal and Web Questionnaire updates can be found on our release notes: Release Notes


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