Program and Portal Update – June 2020

 In Update

A software update is being released to  users along with a Portal update.

This and update contains fixes and improvements including new Web Questionnaires and the addition of integration with two video conferencing tools Skype and Jitsi.

Also note that an update is being published to the Templates. See Template Update

Online Meeting Tool

In this update we have added the ability to generate and send online video meeting requests using:

  1. Skype: Skype’s Meet Now is the latest offering from one of the world’s most popular video meeting services that is designed to let users quickly and simply create and join online meetings just using their browser (though if you do have Skype installed, it will allow you to use that as well). You do not need an account, it is free and there are no time limits on your meeting length. Details about Skype and this new web service can be found at:
  2. Jitsi: Jitsi Meet is a favourite of the tech scene because of its high video quality, security and ease of use. It’s also free, open source and the team at Migration Manager use it for our own staff meetings. Details about Jitsi can be found here: and for those looking to understand more about its security features, we recommend having a read of:

To use either of these services, on any client cover page, you will now see a camera icon in the top right. If you click this icon you will be presented with a pop up that will allow you to generate an online meeting request and calendar appointment using either Skype Meet Now or Jitsi Meet Now. Migration Manager integrates with these services by generating a unique meeting room URL which can then be shared by you with your client (with an extra long URL to mitigate the risk of “zoombombing”).  You can set the date/time/timezone and then choose whether to send the details to your client by either email or Portal Message. A copy of the email/message and calendar appointment are saved in your Documents tab.

To help you understand why we choose Skype and Jisti from amongst the many video meeting services available, each service was assessed against the following criteria:

  • It had to be easy to use for both you and your client.
  • We wanted to avoid the need for you to have to have an account
  • It had to avoid the need to download or install anything
  • It had to have the ability to record the meeting
  • It had to be well known (Jitsi came in as the No2 recommendation on Wirecutter’s recent reviews of best video conferencing services)

As always, we value any feedback you can provide about our integration with these services.

Portal Upgrade

You may find it interesting to know that pre-Covid19 the Portal averaged 18K users a month. During April that dropped by about 20%, but in May the numbers have significantly increased such that for the month of May we had 19,496 users of the Portal.

To help us cater for this continued growth we have increased our server resources and we have also rolled out a major upgrade to the backend infrastructure of the Portal. These behind the scene changes will provide us with the ability to more efficiently scale the Portal resources to handle increased numbers You will notice a slight change in Migration Manager in that any new Portal login that is generated will have a slightly different URL ending in .cloud instead of Existing portal users will be unaffected as they will automatically be redirected to the new login URL. The Portal upgrade will also shortly see us release new WCIQs for Visitor Visas and Subclass 408s for those who have updated to MM version

Some other interesting facts about the Portal over the last 2 months (we track anonymised usage statics in accordance with our Privacy Policy) :

  • 51% of users accessed the Portal via Chrome
  • 27% of users accessed the Portal using a mobile device (12% iOS, 15%Andriod)
  • 70% of users are from the Oceania region with the next highest being 11% from Asia
  • On average, the highest number of users of the portal occurs on a Wednesday whilst Saturday is quietest day.

New Web Questionnaires

This update also includes the release of Web Questionnaires for the Subclass 408 Visa and Visitor Visas.


A full list of everything else included in the update is set out below.

What is in the Update

This update includes the following:

  • Documents
    • Letter Merge – added merge field for PositionBusinessName and RMA OfficeName
  • Portal and Progress Items
    • Progress Items – Added the ability to add custom one off progress items to miscellaneous progress list so that these items can then be selected in a report
  • Preferences
    • File Creation Preference – Add preference to change the separator used in matter numbers
  • Reports
    • Reports – Fixed an issue where changes to the family sponsor client name where not being updated in the user defined reports
    • Reports – Added fields for Location at Lodgment, Location at Decision and Migrating To
    • Reports – Added the Matter Estimate Performance report which compares estimated fee on a matter versus Billed + WIP fees.
  • Tasks & Snapshot
    • Snapshot – Fixed an error received when opening the snapshot if portal download was set to manual.
  • WCIQ
    • CIQ Button – Fixed an issue where MM is used on a monitor with a resolution below the Minimum System Requirements (1920×1080) that the Send Web Questionnaire option was not displaying


What is in the Update

This update includes the following:

    • Accounts
      • Accounts – Warning added if the user is still using the old Accounts system. As of 1 July the old Account system will no longer be compatible with updates.
      • Bank Reconciliation – Modified the UI to warn the user when attempting to match to a reversed transaction
      • Client Payment – Fixed an issue where the Approved By field became undocked if the page size was altered
      • Client Receipts – Fixed an issue where viewing a previously recorded receipt the surcharge box would appear ticked (no effect on data – graphical issue only)
      • Export to Xero – Fixed a set up issue where if there are 2 office bank accounts in MM and the first one already existed in Xero then MM was exporting the GL code for the second account
      • Export to Xero – Fixed an issue where a blank line in the PayTo section caused an error
      • Export to Xero – Fixed an issue where it was possible to set a status to blank. It is no longer possible to set a blank status
      • Preferences – Added an option to set the default billable status for time entries that do not have a Fee code
    • Client Detail
      • Business Skills tab – Fixed an issue where exchange rates could not have more than 4 decimals
      • Cover Page – Fixed an issue with Intended Destruction Date and Destroyed Date not saving
      • Cover Page – Fixed an issue where setting the File Status as Closed was not setting the File Closed date
      • Employment tab – Added date field for Required Start and Mandatory End dates
      • Employment tab – Added an option to track Required Start and Mandatory End dates in snapshot
      • Relations Tab – For dependents, a new tab has been added to record the details of the dependency
      • Skills tab – Modified the wording of the Skills point table to align with the DOHA website description. Additional points options added.
      • Visits Tab – Fixed an issue affecting the Number of Days spent calculator
      • Video Calling – Added the ability to generate online video meeting links and calendar appointments using Skype or Jitsi and send those links via email or Portal Message
    • Documents and Templates
      • Archiving – Modified the behaviour of archiving such that if a user is unable to access the document folders, MM won’t create new folders as a result of certain actions.
      • Sponsors – Added merge fields for business web addresses
    • File Notes
      • Cover Note – Fixed an issue where the note did not scroll/set the focus to the most recent note
      • File Notes – Fixed an error message received when trying to search for a document via the Link window
      • File Notes – Fixed an error received when opening a file into which a very long email had been copied and pasted
    • Portal and Progress Items
      • Portal – Portal password generation has been modified to only include letters and numbers. This should make it easier for clients to copy and paste the password from the email to the web page.
      • Portal Log – Fixed an error message received by some users when trying to download the portal history log if a client still had a WCIQ open
      • Progress Items – Fixed an error received in certain circumstances when adding a one off item for the very first time if no other progress items exist.
      • Progress Items – Fixed an issue causing Duplicate to not function.
      • Progress Items Inbox – Make it possible to reverse sort by date
      • Progress List – Fixed an issue where if you sorted the list by name and then exported to Excel, the list was not exported in the same order.
      • Reports – Added A Portal User Activity which tracks for each portal user: the Date Portal Last Accessed, Days since Last Accessed, Number of logons in the last 30 days, Date of last unsuccessful logon attempt, Number of failed logons in the last 30 days, IP Address of unsuccessful attempt, Date of last Lockout, Number of lockouts in the last 30 days, Date Portal Password last successfully reset, Reset IP address, Date Portal Password last unsuccessful reset attempt, and Failed Reset IP address.
      • Reports – Portal – History report updated to have the following additional records added: Portal logon with IP Address, Portal unsuccessful logon with IP Address, Successful Password Reset with IP Address, Unsuccessful Password Reset with IP Address and Portal lockout with IP Address
    • Questionnaires
      • CIQ Button – Layout of the CIQ button has been modified to make it easier to distinguish between Web (Portal) Questionnaires and PDF questionnaires.
      • WCIQ – Added the 408 Visa web questionnaire
      • WCIQ – Added the Visitor Visa web questionnaire
    • Reports
      • Disbursements Report – On the Disbursements Report add columns for Supplier, Receipt No and Payment Type
      • System Reports – Added a Register of Matters Opened report
      • Webleads Report – Added a new report that tracks webleads received and converted.
    • Schedules
      • Matter Fees Schedule – Fixed an issue where the Subclass 491 matter was showing as retired
      • Matter List Schedule – Separated the Sponsorship and Nominations into separate categories
      • Matter List Schedule – Added an option for COVID-19 as a selectable stream for the 408 Visa
      • Progress List Schedule – Separated the Sponsorship and Nominations into separate categories
    • Settings and Preferences
      • Task Inbox – Fixed user permission control
    • Snapshot/Task Inbox
      • Snapshot – Fixed an error received when setting custom date periods in snapshot.
    • Tools
      • Archive – Modify UI to change cancel button to instead be called ‘close’
      • Archiving – Added an option to retry the folder/document move and delete if it fails on the first attempt
      • Archiving – Fixed an issue where archive date was showing UTC and not converting to local time
      • Matter ID Change – Fixed an issue where it was not possible to change a Matter ID if there was an open WCIQ on the portal
      • Template Setup Guide – Fixed an error received when opening the set up guide if the user still uses the old account system
    • Other
      • Batch Import – Fixed an issue where batch import was not allowing the import of passport numbers that containing a letter.
      • Batch Import – Changed the UX of the import process to prevent double clicking of the import button.
      • Fixed a timeout error occurring for some users when trying to delete a matter.
      • Webleads – Fixed an issue with the system suggesting Client IDs already in use

Full details on what is included in this and previous Portal and Web Questionnaire updates can be found on our release notes: Release Notes


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