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Adobe Enhanced Security

We have received a number of reports in the last few days from Migration Manager users indicating that they have started having problems with their form filling and the dreaded yellow security risk warning. It would appear that Adobe have released an update which has resulted in the Enhanced Security preference in Adobe being switched back on. As many of you will know, if the Enhanced Security option is activated, Migration Manager will be unable to automatically fill out a DIBP or MRT PDF form unless you authorise a form each time you try to merge it (via the options menu in the yellow line).

Thankfully, the fix for this issue is quite simple in that you just need to go to go to the Preferences settings in Adobe and under the Security (Enhanced) menu, untick the option to ‘Enable Enhanced Security’. After you save and close a form, these options should stick and you should no longer be bothered by this issue (until of course Adobe go and release another update that unwinds your selection).

If you need further instructions on how to perform this change please see our User Manual or contact the Support Team

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