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If you are subscriber to Migration Manager’s Template service we want to let you know that there is an important update which is coming which will see the release of new and completely rewritten Client Agreements for all of the different Template packs.

If you have subscribed to Migration Manager’s template documents you will be aware that from time to time the publisher of the Templates releases updates to these Templates. When these updates occur existing templates within the MM Templates folder are replaced or removed. With the upcoming release of new and completely rewritten Client Agreements we will for a short period of time also continue to keep available copies of the existing Client Agreements in the Templates folder. This is being done so that users have an opportunity to review the new Templates and make the necessary arrangements to move to using these new Cost Agreement or to make copies of the existing templates and move them to a different location so that they can continue to use the old templates. Once the transition period has ended, the old Client Agreement Templates will no longer be available from within the subscribed Templates folders in the letter merge system.

Keeping the Old Client Agreement

If you want to keep and continue using the old Client Agreements you will need to make a copy of those templates and save them in to a different folder within the letter merge system. These copied and moved versions will not be replaced/modified when a Templates update occurs.

To make a backup of a template, follow the below steps:


1. Open a file.

Note that you will see different templates depending on whether you open a Sponsor or a Migrant file.

2. In the top toolbar, click on the Letters button.

3. The Letter Merge window will now appear. It is recommended that you first create a new folder to save your backed up templates into.

4. Right click the ‘StandardNewLetters’ folder and choose ‘Create Folder’.

Note: If you perform this step whilst highlighting another folder the new folder will be created as a subfolder of the chosen folder.

5. Give your folder a name and click ‘OK’.

6. The new folder will now appear in the list of folders.

7. Next, find the Template you wish to make a copy of/backup. Highlight the template and select ‘Duplicate Template’.

8. You will need to give the duplicated Template a new Name and Keywords. Click ‘Create’.

Note: If you do not wish for the template to automatically use your letterhead, put ‘NLH’ in the Keywords. NLH stands for ‘No Letterhead’.

9. The Template will now open as a Word document and the Template Merge Field editor window will also appear. You can now edit the Template if you want to.

10. After you have made your desired changes to the Word document, click ‘Save & Close Letter’.


11. Your new Template will now be saved in the existing Templates folder. You will now need to move the Template to the new folder you created earlier.

12. To move the new Template, right click it and choose ‘Move Template’.

13. Now select the Folder you want to save the Template into. In this example the folder that was created earlier has been selected. Click ‘OK’ to complete the move

14. Your new Template will now appear in the newly created folder. Future updates to the subscribed templates will not affect this new Template.

If you have any questions or need any assistance with this, please contact our Support team by logging a support call through Migration Manager.


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