Migration Manager Beta Testing Program

Help shape the Migration Manager experience

Regular users of Migration Manager will know that the software developers are constantly working to release new features and updates to help migration professionals work more efficient and effectively. We are looking for Beta Testers to help contribute to the development and final testing of these new features

The software, questionnaires and other parts of Migration Manager all undergo extensive testing prior to each update release. This testing includes new developments, quality assurance and end user simulation. However with some new features it is not always possible for us to test for every environmental factor. To help us overcome this issue and to ensure that Migration Manager works well in the real world, we may from time to time release Beta versions of the software or features to selected users who have signed up to our Closed Beta Testing program. These Beta Testers may be able to identify issues emanating from their environment or work practices that will not have arisen through the testing regime undertaken by our developers.

Being a Beta tester allows you to have access to new features prior to regular users and gives you the opportunity to contribute to the development of the product. By being part of the Beta Testing Program you help build Migration Manager alongside our developers and IT pros. If however, you think BIOS is a plant-based fuel, this program may not be right for you*.

It is important to note that while participation in the Program allows you to experience new features prior to other users, it also requires a full understanding of the risks involved and a genuine commitment to work closely with us to identify and resolve any issues that may arise through your use of the software.

As such, before you complete the ‘I’m Interested’ signup section below, please make sure you read and understand each of the points below.

*Credit: this quote comes directly from the Windows 10 Preview signup page (https://insider.windows.com/) – we thought it was awesome and couldn’t resist including it.

Become involved in the Beta Program if:

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You understand and accept that Risks are involved:

By expressing an interest in becoming a Beta Tester, you acknowledge and understand that if we provide you with access to the Beta Program, you will be running a version of Migration Manager that is currently in Closed BETA testing. You acknowledge that there are no guarantees that this Beta software will be free of issues, and that you are specifically aware and accept the risk that Beta software by its very nature may have defects, bug and usability issues and that there are inherent risks as a result.

You want to try out software that’s still in development and are willing to share your opinion

Our Beta Testers need to be passionate about using Migration Manager and wanting to help the product develop. If you join the Closed Beta Program, we would like you to provide feedback about the features you are testing and we expect that you will work closely with our development team to identify and resolve any program or usability issues. This may include our development team needing to access your system and generate technical reports

It is also important that you understand that not every feature that we test or every piece of feedback you provide will make it into the final release.  Some things just won’t make it to prime time.

You really know how to use Migration Manager

Because we are looking to find bugs and issues that our developers and alpha testers have not spotted, our Beta Testers need to be regular users of Migration Manager who have a good/great understanding of how to use the software. If you don’t regularly use features like Email Capture, File Notes, Progress Items and the Questionnaires, then you probably aren’t using Migration Manager at the level that would make you a good Beta Tester (we would also be saying that you probably aren’t using Migration Manager to its full potential and would recommend you come along to one of our Training Seminars to learn what you are missing out on).

You are a frequent user of Migration Manager

The purpose of Beta testing is to help the developers rule out the existence of any unforeseen bug or issue that did not arise during development or alpha testing. In order for that to happen, our Beta Testers need to be using Migration Manager and its many features on a regular basis. If it’s been a month since you did an Email Capture or you haven’t created a new file in a while, you probably aren’t using Migration Manager at the level we need for Beta Testers.

Your system meets the Minimum System Requirements

For Migration Manager to operate smoothly, it is very important that your computers comply with the current Minimum System Requirements.  If you are still running Windows XP, we would suggest you update.

You have the authority within your firm to be be involved

If you want to be involved in the Beta Program you will need to make sure that you actually have the authority within/from your firm to sign up. Please don’t sign up if your boss will have a meltdown or your IT department will explode should they find out at a later date.

You also need to be aware that most Beta features are turned on at a firm wide level. So if you think that half your team will freak out and be too scared to turn on their computers if we change something, it might be best if you stick with the regular updates.

You should also be aware that the use of Migration Manager and any involvement in the Closed Beta Program is subject to Migration Manager’s standard End User Agreement. By registering your interest you are confirming that you agree to the Beta Program terms and conditions contained within the End User Agreement.

You accept that many may come, but only the select few will be chosen

We love it when people are keen to use Migration Manager, test new features for us and be involved in the Beta Program. However the reality is that not everyone is suitable to be a Beta Tester or be a Beta Tester at this point in time. Most Beta Testers will also not be asked to test every new feature. We will select people who have expressed an interest in being a Beta Tester based on a number of different criteria and only those who meet our requirements will be invited into the Closed Beta Program.

If you don’t get selected, please dont’ be offended – it is most likely that your current set up just doesn’t quite fit what we are trying to test right now.  Also keep in mind that we will from time to time be testing other features which you might be suitable for and we may contact you to see if you want to be involved then.

Still keen to be involved? Register your interest below:

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