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With Version 8 of Migration Manager there are a number of changes that have been made to eVisa. These changes have been made so as to enable us to expand the number of applications which Migration Manager can complete and to improve the application filling process.

New Launch Window

The first change you will notice is that the eVisa launch window has now changed to be more streamlined and user friendly. It now consist of two dropdowns where you first select the Application Type (Nomination, Visa, EoI, VEVO or Health) and then you select the Subtype. The available subtypes will change depending on the Application Type chosen. For example, if you choose Visa as the Type, the Sub-Type will show a list of a visa applications which can be completed using Migration Manager’s eVisa system.


New Application Types

Version 8 of Migration Manager sees the addition of VEVO Search and Health Declarations to Migration Manager’s eVisa tool. These were two of the most commonly requested features and we think you will like how they work. We will be publishing a separate article on how to run VEVO Searches soon, but for Health Declarations, it is as simple as choosing Health Declaration from the Application Type dropdown and then clicking ‘Start Application’ and then clicking ‘Process Page’ and ‘Next’ on the Smart Filler as you work your way through the pages.

Change to ImmiAccount Logon process

Prior to version 8 of Migration Manager, when you selected what type of application you wanted to complete in the eVisa launch window and then logged into ImmiAccount, Migration Manager would automatically take you through all of the pages until the first page of the application. Whilst this sped up the application process, it also meant you didn’t have time to read the notifications page published by the Department in ImmiAccount. This notification page often contains important information about issues the Department may be having with its systems. To give you time to read this page, Migration Manager’s eVisa system now stops on every page in the ImmiAccount logon process and requires that you click ‘Process Page’ to move to the next page. Important: During this logon process you must not click anywhere on the webpage. Please only use the ‘Process Page’ button on Migration Manager’s smart filler tool to move to the next page. If you click ‘continue’ on the webpage, Migration Manager will not be able to fill out the application.

If you need more information on how the new eVisa logon process works, we have put together a detailed instruction page which is located in the updated User Manual (click to View).

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