How to perform a Conflict Check

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Conflict Check

Migration Manager has now added a dedicated Conflict Check tool that allows you to search and report on potential conflicts. Conflict checks are run by Agents and Lawyers to ensure that their commitment to a client’s case will not be affected by the commitment the firm has towards some other person. Usually such conflict checks are run at the time when the client relationship is established.

Migration Manager’s Conflict Check tool lets you search your firm’s database for a person’s name. The tool will search your Client list, Secondary Applicant’s list, Sponsor’s list and Contacts/Witnesses list and produce a report which can be saved on a matter as a record that you have performed a search.

To perform a Conflict Check, follow the below steps (or see the User Manual)

1. Click Tools > Conflict Check

On the top toolbar menu, click Tools and then from the menu click Conflict Check.

2. Search Name

Once the Conflict Check window appears, in the Search Name field, type the name or part of a name that you want to search.

3. Click Search

Click the Search button to commence the search of the database.

4. Review Results

The search results will now appear. Note that a person’s role in the matter which has returned a result will be displayed in the Role column.

5. Save the Results

To save the search results to the relevant matter, click either the Excel or the PDF ‘Save to Matter‘ buttons

You will then need to find and select the Matter that you want to save the results to.

The results will be saved in to the Documents tab of the selected Matter in the Misc folder.


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