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As part of one of the recent software updates, Migration Manager has added the ability for users to convert emails in to a new matter.In the past, if you performed an email capture in Migration Manager and you had an email for a new matter for which you had not yet created a file, you had to exit the email capture process, create the new file, and then reopen email capture before you could assign this email to the new file. Migration Manager has now made the whole process much easier with the ability convert emails in to files from within the email capture process.

The process is very simple: when you a performing an email capture, if you have an email which you want to convert in to a file, from within the email capture window you right click the selected email and choose ‘Convert to Lead’. If you then go in to the Webleads tab (within the email capture window), you will see that email and you will then have the ability to record the name of the file and which staff member will be responsible for it. You then click the ‘Import’ button and the email will be converted in to a Prospect file, with a copy of the email saved in to the Documents tab of that matter.

To help you understand how to perform this process we have put together a detailed instruction page in the user manual (click here) as well as a demonstration video on Vimeo. And as always, if you need any more help, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.


Note: this video is stored on Vimeo. Some users may be unable to access it due to security restrictions on their network. Please contact our support team if you need help viewing this video.



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