Support for our Clients during the COVID-19 Outbreak

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As the situation regarding the COVID-19 Virus rapidly evolves, the team at Migration Manager has activated it’s health risk contingency plans so that we can best ensure that we can continue to provide our renowned level of customer service during this unprecedented and challenging time.

What does this mean?

Out of an abundance of caution we have asked all our staff who can work remotely from the office to do so for the foreseeable future. They have also been asked to follow the health authorities’ recommendations when it comes to implementing social distancing measures to mitigate their risks.

How will this impact me?

Our team is well experienced at working remotely in a way that ensures our clients can continue to receive the levels of service and support they have come to expect whilst also ensuring that we maintain the highest levels of data privacy and security. However there will be one change, which is that with our main office closed, our phones will not be directly answered. You will however still be able to leave a message, but these messages will only be checked periodically.

As such, if you need support, the best (as it has always been) and quickest way to get this support is to either:

  • Use the Help button in Migration Manager and click¬†Log a Support Call Online; or
  • Use our online support portal by going to


Can you help my office sort out remote working?

Our team are very experienced at helping clients set up Migration Manager to work outside their office. We have already helped a number of firms move to remote working to deal with the COVID-19 situation. If you need further information about your options please don’t hesitate to contact us via our support portal:


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