How to create your own mergable letters and documents

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Would you like to create your own template letters and documents that you can quickly merge for any of your matters?

How to create a Template

One of the most common questions that the training team gets asked is “how can I create my own template letters?”. Over in the user manual, we have a detailed chapter on how to set up and use your template letters and documents. One of the articles, which is reproduced below, covers how the document/letter merge system in Migration Manager provides users with a powerful tool to create their own template letters that can be used to merge letters, emails and documents for a matter. So if you have ever wanted to create your own letters and documents  then follow the steps below:

1. Open a Matter

To access the template system, you first need to open a matter by clicking the Open button in the main toolbar and then selecting a matter


Note: The templates for Migrants and Sponsors are stored and accessed separately. To create templates that can be used when you are in a Business Sponsor matter you will need to access the template system via a Sponsor matter.

2. Click on the Letters button

Next, click on the Letters button in the main toolbar.


3. Select the appropriate folder

When the Word Template Merge window appears, you need to select the folder that you want to save your new template in to.


Tip: To create a new folder, right click the left-hand panel and choose Create Folder and then give your new folder a name.



4. Click New Template

After you have selected the folder (or created a new one) that you want to save your new Template in to, click the New Template button.


5. Give the Template a Name and Keywords

A Template Creator Window will now appear where you can insert the template’s name and keywords. Now click Create.

Tip: It is recommended that you add some keywords to the Template so that users will be able to identify what the template is about. These keywords will also appear in any letter merges in the future (so long as they are no overwritten at the time of merge with new keywords).


6. A blank Word document will now open

A blank Word document should appear along with Word Template Merge Editor window. Note that if you do not see the Word document it may be minimised.


7. Add Content and Merge Fields

The templates are just Word documents with merge fields added to those parts of the text that are meant to change depending on the information contained within a matter. To add a merge field to the blank document:

  1. first, click where you want the merge field to appear;
  2. find the required merge field from the Merge Fields window; then
  3. click the Add Field button.


8. Continue adding content

Continue adding the required content to your letter along with any required merge fields.

Tip: If you already have existing documentation, you can just copy and paste the content of those documents into a template letter and then add merge fields as required.


9. Click Save & Close Letter

When you have finished editing the document, click Save & Close Letter.


10. New Template available

The new template is now available for all users to now merge. To merge the template and save it to the current matter, select the template and then click Merge.




We hope this article has helped you understand how to leverage one of the most useful tools in Migration Manager. If you have any questions please contact the support team by Logging a Support Request via the Help menu in Migration Manager.


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