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The demand for Bookkeepers who know how to use Migration Manager’s Account’s system has surged.

Our support team regularly receives enquiries from our users as to whether we know of any Bookkeepers and/or Accountants who are also familiar with Migration Manager’s Accounts system. With the recent announcement of our Trust Certification by the NSW Law Society we expect this demand to grow even more. Our support team are very good at answering technical/software related questions but many users need accounting and bookkeeping support which is outside of the scope of what we provide. So we are in the process of compiling a list of Accountants and Bookkeepers who have experience in using Migration Manager and who understand the particular accounting requirements of the migration profession and whose details they are happy for us to pass on to those seeking these services. Our objective here is simply to put users in touch with those who have indicated that they may be able to assist them.*

So if you know (or you are) an Accountant or Bookkeeper who is keen to potentially grow their client base, knows how to use Migration Manager’s Accounts system, and understands Client and/or Trust Accounting, then please get in touch with us so that we can add their details to our list.

*Note that when we pass on the details of an Accountant/Bookkeeper to one of our users, Migration Manager does NOT receive any form of commission or payment. Any arrangement a user reaches with an Accountant or Bookkeeper is external to us. We also do not warrant that the skills or expertise of the Bookkeeper or Accountant are suitable for the services that a user may require. Any list that we make available is merely an indication that a third party has contacted us to let us know that they are available for contact by a Migration Manager user regarding the possible provision of Accounting or Bookkeeping services with regards to the use of Migration Manager’s accounts system. It is up to a user to make their own enquiries and determine whether or not those third party services are suitable for their needs.

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