january, 2018

Recording of How to use Accounts (Basic) Webinar (2017 Webinar)TIME ZONES: ON DEMAND

Event Details

Our Basic Accounts training Webinar aims to provide you with the knowledge and skills to use the basic day-to-day features of the Accounts system in Migration Manager. The webinar will cover

  • How to use the Accounts system for Initial Consultations including:
    • How to record a fee for the consultation
    • How to invoice for the consultation
    • How to be paid for the consultation via your Client/Trust Account
  • How to use the Accounts system to conduct a fixed fee matter
    • How to request a deposit
    • How to receipt a deposit
    • How to record fees and disbursements
    • How to generate invoices
    • How to transfer funds from your Client/Trust Account to your Operating Account
    • How to generate an end of matter Statement of Services
  • How to search Accounts
  • How to use the basic Reporting


Please note that this webinar will not cover:

– How to set up the Accounts – Time Recording
– How to set up Xero integration – Bank Reconciliations
– Creating Estimates – End of Month Procedures
– Detailed Reporting  – How to export to Xero


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For our Training Terms & Conditions please go to: http://mmcpd.link/trainingterms

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