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Do you want to create a quick checklist of major tasks to be performed on a file quickly and easily?Users of Migration Manager’s progress items checklist system have long used the Progress tab and the in built checklists to keep track of all of the steps that needed to be completed and all the documents that needed to be collected on a file. Power users have also been able to create their own curated checklists to more specifically fit their way of doing things. However a common question has been: how does one quickly add a short list of the major milestones to a file that are like to need to be completed, without having to manually edit one of the existing templates?

The answer is to use the ‘Short List’ template checklist. This ‘Short List’ contains the most common main events which are likely to take place on most types of visa applications such as receiving a deposit, requesting documents and lodging the application. We call these the ‘Milestone Events’ as they tend to be the main markers of determining the progress of a file. By just using the Short List you can keep track of these main events on all of your files without having to curate one of the longer templates.

To use the Short List is very simple. When you want to add Progress Items to a file, when the selection window opens up, change the ‘Application Type’ dropdown to the ‘Short List’. This option listed as the very last item at the bottom of the ‘Application Type’ dropdown list. When you have made this change you will now see the list of items change to show this ‘Short List’ of Milestone Events.

Progress Items


It is important to note that if you use the Short List on a file, you can always go and add other Progress Items to this file at a later date. For example, you might add the Short List to a file when you first create it, and then once you have more information from your client and know what documents you need, you can go and add these additional items the same as you normally would. Migration Manager will simply insert the relevant items in their correct order, interspersed amongst the Milestone events. For instructions on how you add Progress Items to a file, please see the User Manual.

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