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Have you ever needed to perform an update of Migration Manager’s database only to find that another user is still logged in? In the most recent software update (Version, the development team took the opportunity to add a new little feature that will enable you to find out who is currently logged in to Migration Manager. So if you have ever wanted to know who is currently logged in to Migration Manager, you can now hover your mouse over the Logged Users label at the bottom of the screen in Migration Manager and it will now tell you who is currently recorded as logged on.

Who is logged in

In the example image above you can see that one person is logged in on the network and the name of who it is. If there were more people logged in you would see all of there names. This feature works on both locally installed and cloud versions of Migration Manager.

As always, if you have any questions please let the support team know.


Image: 207263782 licensed from Shutterstock.com

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