How to Change a Matter Number

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How to Change a Matter ID

Have you ever created a file in Migration Manager only to decide later on that you want a different Matter ID?  As of the October software update to Migration Manager, it is now easy to change the Matter Number of a file to what ever you would like.

To change a Matter ID, follow these steps:

1. Login as Administrator

In order to change a file number you must be logged in as Administrator. Please also make sure that no one else currently has open the file you want to change.

2. In the top toolbar, go to Tools > Administrative > Change Matter ID

3. Select the Matter

From the Matter dropdown list, select the Matter that you want to change the number of.

4. Record new Matter ID.

When you have finished recording the new Matter ID, click Change Matter ID.

5. Confirm Change

To confirm the change of Matter ID, click Yes.

And thats it, the Matter ID for that file is now changed.



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