How to Receive and Review Encrypted Messages from your Client

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The Encrypted Portal Messaging functionality allows users of Migration Manager to send and receive encrypted messages and documents with their clients.

In this article, we cover how you receive and review messages and documents sent to you by your client via the Portal Messaging system. When a client has sent a message or uploaded a Document to the portal, Migration Manager will download these Messages and Documents and add them to the relevant matter’s Documents tab. Depending on how you have set up your Portal preferences, you can also set who receives a notification within Migration Manager that a Message or Document has been received.

How are the Messages and Documents Downloaded – Preferences

The manner in which messages and documents are downloaded from the Client Portal is determined by the Preferences settings:

  1. Automated Download: If you have selected automatic downloads, Migration Manager will check for new documents either when you launch Migration Manager, every 15 minutes or every 15 minutes between 2 selected times, depending on your preferences. If it finds new messages or documents, it will download them automatically. Note that Migration Manager must be running for the downloads to occur. If you choose to have Migration Manager download messages and documents automatically in the middle of the night but then close Migration Manager at the end of each day, the documents won’t be downloaded automatically.
  2. If you have selected manual downloads, you will need to download the documents yourself (see steps below on how to manually download items)

Please see the relevant instruction pages on how to change the Portal Preferences (click to view).

Where are Portal Messages and Documents downloaded to?

When Messages and Documents are downloaded from the Portal they are automatically saved in the relevant matter. They are saved in to the Documents tab and if it is a Document a bookmark is added to the relevant item in the Progress tab.

The Documents Tab

When a Portal Message or Document is downloaded, it is saved directly in the Documents tab for that Client.

If you are Tree View, note the following:

  • Received Messages will show in the Letters In folder
  • Sent Messages will show in the Letters Out folder
  • Documents that have been received from the Portal (including message attachments) will appear in the Documents Received folder

The Progress Tab

When a Portal Document is downloaded, a record of the download is recorded in the Client’s Progress tab and a bookmark link to the document is placed in the far right column. If you double click the bookmark the document will open.

Note: If there are multiple pages to the document, if you double click the bookmark a pop up will appear asking you which page you wish to open.

How am Notified that a Portal Document has been downloaded?

This will depend on your Preference settings but generally a responsible staff member will receive a notification in their Snapshot and Document Inbox that a Portal Message or Document has been received.

Notification Settings

With the Portal Preferences you can set which responsible staff member will receive a notification in their Snapshot and Document Inbox that a Portal Document has been received. Note that all Portal Messages and Documents which are received are given a Review Date of today and the person notified is set as the person responsible for reviewing those Messages and Documents. By default the preferences are generally set to notify the RMA when an item from the Portal is received. If you want to change this go in to the Portal Preferences and edit the Inbox notifications:


In Snapshot, the number of items you have received/set for review is shown on the far left circle. This will include any Portal Messages and Documents that have been received. Clicking on this number will take to the Inbox.

Document Inbox

The responsible staff member (as set in the Portal Preferences) will see a list of the Portal Messages and Documents received in their Document Inbox. All Documents which have been received via the Portal (as opposed to visa email) will be labeled ‘Portal Doc’.

If you have require further information about how to use the Encrypted Portal Messaging function and to help you understand this new feature we have put together the following user guides:


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