How to set or edit Reports User Permissions

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In version 8.6.2 of  Migration Manager additional user permissions were added to allow administrators to have a micro control over which reports users can generate.

This article is reproduced from the user manual.

In order to be able to generate a Report, a User must have been set to have permission to generate the particular report in question. To set the Reports User Permissions, follow these steps:

Note: By default users are given permission to generate all reports.

1. Log in as Administrator

To access the Reports Permission you will need to log in as Administrator or as a user who has been set as having permission to edit user credentials and permissions.


2. Open the Preferences/Permissions window

To access and edit the User Report Permissions, click the ‘Tools‘ button in the top toolbar and then click ‘Administative‘, then ‘Preferences‘.


Now go to the Report Permissions tab.


3. Set the User Permissions

Within the User Permissions tab, it is possible to set which user has the permission to generate which reports.


Tip: If you right click a row a menu option will appear that will you tick or untick all items for a user in one action.


3.1 Allow Access to Reports

This setting determines whether a User can access and produce any of the reports in Migration Manager. If the box is unticked then the user will be unable to generate any of the reports

3.2 Allow Access to User Defined Reports

If this setting is not ticked, then a User is unable to generate a User Defined Report (the first tab of the Reports window). If a user does not have permission they will the words ‘User Access Restricted’ and the Process button will be greyed out.


3.3 Allow Access to Saved Reports

If this setting is not ticked, then a User can not generate any of the Saved Reports (including any that they themselves have saved previously)


3.4 Allow User to Access Preset Reports

If this setting is not ticked, then a User can not generate any Preset Reports.


3.5 Allow This User to View Others in Billings Report

If this setting is not ticked, then a User can only view their own billing details when generating the following Accounts reports:

  • Time Billing Detail
  • Fee Earner Performance Report
  • Incomplete Time Billing Entries
  • Billing Receipts by Staff Member

3.6 Other

All of the remaining settings control whether the user can generate a specified Accounts or System Report.

4. Close

Once you have finished entering all of your relevant Accounts User Permissions, click ‘Save & Exit’ to finish.


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