How to use Migration Manager to Manage a File

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Migration Manager is a very powerful client and file management tool that is designed to assist Migration Agents to efficiently and effectively run their practice. The software contains a multitude of different tools and functions and for new users this can sometimes be a little overwhelming. To assist you to understand how you can use Migration Manager, the Training Team has put together a hand guide, called How to Manage a File with Migration Manager showing you how to use Migration Manager to manage a file from the very first moment that you consult with a potential client, up until the stage you close the file and put it in to 7 years storage.

This guide sets out the various stages that most applications will generally go through and then sets out how you use Migration Manager to complete each of the steps within those stages. For each step we provide a link to the relevant section of the User Manual that provides detailed step by step instructions on how to perform each task. You will find that many of the steps involve the same tasks and as such, once you are familiar with the basics you will find other steps easier to perform.

To download a PDF copy of the guide, click this link: How to Manage a File with Migration Manager

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