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The development team has been hard at work over the summer making improvements to Migration Manager and the Portal. The result, Updates 8.5.3 and 8.5.5 have now been released to Beta users and will soon be released to all users.

Update 8.5.3 is a major update to both Migration Manager and the Secure Client Portal and includes a number of new feature as well as over 100 improvements and fixes that are designed to make your use of Migration Manager and your clients’ use of the Portal more effective and efficient. Update 8.5.4 adds some additional minor fixes and changes from feedback from Beta Users about 8.5.3.

After spending most of January in Beta, the combined 8.5.3/8.5.4/8.5.5 update will now be progressively rolled out to all users over the coming days. There is a lot in this update but the main features that you need to be aware of are:

1. Encrypted Portal Messaging and a change to Document Uploads

This update sees the introduction Encrypted Portal Messaging and a change to the way that uploads to the Portal will take place. The new Encrypted Portal Messaging will allow Migration Manager users the ability to send and receive encrypted message with their clients via the Client Portal. With the need to protect client confidentiality and the ever growing risk of using email as a means of communication, the Encrypted Portal Messaging feature will provide you with a much safer means of being able to communicate with your client – if you want to.

For existing users of the Portal, the default setting will be that if you use the Portal with Clients, you will be able to send a message to your Client but their ability to reply will be disabled. As part of this, we have changed the way in which you now upload documents to the Portal for your client, to now make the uploading happen via the sending of a Portal Message. The benefit of this change is that you can now add additional information and instructions to go along with the document(s) you are uploading. And if you enable client replies, your client will be able to securely reply to your messages without having to leave the Portal.

We have already had a number of our Beta users using the Encrypted Messaging and the feedback has been very positive. Like with the rest of the Portal, we are anticipating an explosion in the growth of its use over the next few months. Note that after you run the update the option to enable client messaging may not be visible straight away as we are progressively rolling out the functionality through out February to ensure a smooth transition for all users. If you would like to have this new functionality enabled for your firm sooner, please contact our support team via the Log a Support Call Online button in Migration Manager which can found visa the Help button in the top menu.

To help you understand this new feature (and the changes to document uploading) we have put together the following user guides:

We will also be running a webinar on this functionality, details of which will be published soon.

2. New BPAY functionality

A popular feature request that we have received over recent months has been for us to add payment options to the Account system so that users and their Clients can more readily track and identify payments that have been received in to the Operating and Trust/Client Account. The first feature that we are adding to facilitate this request is the integration of BPAY including:

  • The ability for Migration Manager to generate BPAY CRNs;
  • The ability for users to create CRNs on a case by case or even document by document matter;
  • If enabled, CRNs will appear on Invoices and/or Deposit Requests; and
  • Additional search functionality has been enabled to allow users to search in Migration Manager for CRNs when trying to work out who has made a mysterious deposit or payment.

To help users who want to integrate BPAY with Migration Manager we have created the following user guides:

3. New Invoice Themes

The third major feature that is being added in this update is the introduction of Invoice Themes. What this functionality allows you to do is to create and use different invoice templates when you are generating an invoice or printing an invoice at a later date. This feature has been heavily requested by firms who have offices in different jurisdictions or who want to be able to use different Invoice templates for different user scenarios where the inclusion or exclusion of certain information (like legally required notices) may be necessary.

To learn more about how to use this feature please see the following user guides:


Update – Version 8.5.5 has been released to Beta users.  

Update 8.5.5 has been released to beta users as an update to patch version 8.5.4. When the update is released to all users it will be a combination of 8.5.3, 8.5.4 and 8.5.5. Update 8.5.5 includes:

  • Accounts
    • Fixed an error received by users of the old Accounts system when they tried to modify a preference after version 8.5.4
    • Accounts Search – Added an option to search by Receipted Date so a user can find when payment for a fee/disbursement was received in to the operating account.
    • Accounts Search – Added an extra column to the search for “Receipted Date”
  • Client Detail
    • Expand the amount of text that can be entered in to the Visa Conditions field.
  • Portal Messaging
    • Modified the message window to allow multiple activities to be marked as complete when sending a message.
    • Modified the wording that is added to a Progress item comment field when sending a message with linked progress items.
    • Fixed an error message received when trying to upload a Full BSQ to the Portal via a message
    • Fixed an error received when replying to a Portal Message from the Task Inbox.
  • Reports
    • Fixed an issue where position employment location was no longer returning data in reports


The full list of what is included in this Update 

This update (Program Version 8.5.3 and 8.5.4) contains the following features and bug fixes:

  • Accounts
    • New BPAY Functionality including:
      • Accounts Preferences: Added a tab to Preferences for BPAY settings
      • Accounts Preferences – Added the ability to set a surcharge amount for receiving BPAY payments.
      • Accounts Search – Added an extra column option for CRN.
      • Accounts Search – Added the ability to search by BPAY CRN
      • Invoice – Added a BPAY section to invoice templates when BPAY is enabled.
      • Added the ability to add BPAY surcharges on Receipts (both client and office accounts)
      • Added the ability to create BPAY CRNs on either a matter or invoice basis
      • Added an enable BPAY option to the Accounts Overview tab
      • Added the ability to edit the Bpay values of a bank account directly from the Bpay settings window in Preferences.
      • Deposit Requests – Added a BPAY payment information section to the Deposit Request template if BPAY is enabled.
      • Deposit Requests – Added the ability to set a BPAY CRN on a deposit request.
    • New Invoice Template options
      • Accounts Preferences – Added additional options to the accounts preferences to allow users to set the default invoice themes.
      • Accounts Setup – Added an option to customise accounts templates during the accounts set up process
      • Accounts Templates – User manual guide added providing instructions on how to customise Accounts templates.
      • Accounts Templates – Added the ability to duplicate, rename etc Invoice templates so that users can create different invoice themes.
      • Invoices – Modified the Invoice window to allow the user to select different invoice themes at time of printing.
      • Invoices – When printing an invoice, users now have the ability to select from different types of customisable invoice themes.
      • Moved all Accounts templates to new location. To edit an accounts template, go to Accounts > Accounts Templates.
      • Modify the names of the Invoice templates to provide more information about the different content.
    • Accounts Setup – Modified the accounts setup window to prevent it from being set to maximum screen size.
    • Bank Reconciliation – Fixed an issue that resulted in some users seeing the transaction date in the entry date column and vice versa.
    • Bank Reconciliation – Fixed an issue where the bank reconciliation adjustment screen was showing the wrong client ID for certain reversal transactions.
    • Bank Reconciliation – Fixed an error that occurred when printing a bank rec when there were no withdrawals.
    • Bank Reconciliation – Modify the Bank Reconciliation such that if the user tries to undo the match of a prior adjustment to the transaction the adjustment was created for, show a messagebox explaining why they can’t undo it.
    • Bank Reconciliation – Fix Bank Reconciliation window sizing issues.
    • Bank Reconciliation – Modify the Accounts Reconciliations window to have Print or Continue as right click options.
    • Deposit Requests – Fixed an issue with the deposit request where deleting a disbursement row wasn’t clearing the surcharge.
    • Deposit Requests – Fixed an issue that resulted in an error if a comma was used in the deposit request form payment surcharge field.
    • Deposit Requests: Modified the Deposit Request form for Trust users such that a user will be prompted if any of the Trust Account information requirements are missing from a matter.
    • Fee Codes – The total fee is now a selectable block fee.
    • Invoices – Added the ability to select different operating/office accounts when creating invoices for the purposes of changing what appears on printed invoices.
    • Invoices – Adjust invoice reversals to refresh and save upon clicking Print.
    • Invoices – Modified the Invoice such that ticking the Show funds available option will show an information box to the user if no funds are available as an indication why this option isn’t able to be selected.
    • Preferences – Added the ability to edit bank GL Codes from the General Ledger Codes section of the Accounts preferences.
    • Preferences – Modified the GL Code tab in preferences to show the Client Accounts and any linked GL Code.
    • Reports – Fixed an issue with the Fee Earner Performance Report where the billed column incorrectly included amounts on reversed invoices and the Draft/WIP column incorrectly included amounts on deleted draft invoices.
    • Search – Fixed a bug which resulted in an error when reversing a receipt opened via the Accounts Search function.
    • Xero – added a Matter ID column to the Export to Xero window.
    • Xero – Fixed an error that arose when the General Ledger transactions were created before the bank account was assigned a General Ledger.
    • Xero – Fix a bug that causes an error when searching by specific date ranges in export to Xero window.
    • Fixed an error which occured for some users when clicking on a blank part of the Fees and Disbursements tab.
    • Fixed an issue where changing a field on the cover page was not immediately applied to a letter merge unless you clicked refresh first.
    • Modified the behaviour of the Client/Trust Bank Accounts such that an account can not be deleted if it does not have a zero balance.
    • Modified the wording that shows in the Client Funds and Office Account tab to further differentiate payments made directly in to the Office Account versus transfers from Trust/Client
  • Client Detail Windows
    • Add Invictus Games to Subclass 408 event options
    • Added sibling as an option to relationship type (in addition to the existing Brother and Sister options)
    • Added the ability to record Tax File Numbers in the Identity Documents and Numbers section.
    • Fixed an issue where newly created Matter types were not appearing in the correct order in the matter type list.
    • Fixed an issue where setting the marital status on the Particulars page of the primary applicant did not update the particulars page of the linked spouse.
    • Fixed an issue where users were able to accidentally open 2 of the same matter detail windows if they double clicked the Detail button.
    • Fixed an issue which resulted in an error when deleting a row from the DIBP Office history table.
    • Modified the options in the Business Sponsor business structure dropdown list.
    • Modified the wording of the Character questions for family sponsors.
  • Documents and Templates
    • Documents Tab: Added a button to the Documents tab to allow direct access to the Portal window.
    • Documents Tab: Added additional search filter options for file type to handle portal messages.
    • Documents Tab: Fixed an issue where documents saved in to sub folders were not appearing in the correct date order when viewed in the Flat Layout.
    • Documents Tab: It is now possible to move folders using the Move To function. Note that you can not move system default folders such as Letters In etc.
    • Documents Tab: The document preview window has been re-vamped to make it easier to assign statuses, review dates and responsibilities for documents and portal messages.
    • Letter Merge – Speed improvements made to the opening of the letter merge window.
    • Modified the behaviour of the documents tab to show duplicated documents that have been copied to a separate folder. Documents of the same name and date in the same folder will still be de-duplicated.
    • Modified the template merge system to add additional fields for separating out suburb from city.
  • Emails
    • Fixed an issue that resulted in an error for some users when changing the email capture storage location from their local drive to a mapped drive.
    • Fixed an issue where blocked email addresses was not working for emails sent.
    • Fixed an issue where creating a new matter from a captured email was creating a matter as a Client when Prospect was selected.
    • Fixed an issue where the primary applicant’s secondary email address was not resulting in emails being matched for some users.
    • Modified email capture to no longer prefix attachments with the word #File# when saving to the documents tab.
    • Modified email capture to now also capture Read Receipts
  • Elodge & Forms
    • Fixed an issue which resulted in an error when merging Form 80 if there was a \ in one of the fields in MM.
  • File Notes
    • Fixed an issue when saving file notes to PDF that resulted in an un-reconciled RTF file displaying in the Document’s tab.
    • Modified the behaviour of the document inbox to allow the opening of forwarded file notes by just double clicking.
  • Portal
    • Remove the separate refresh button from the Progress tab. The portal will now refresh using the main client detail refresh button.
    • Document Uploads – The uploading of documents to the Portal has now changed to make use of the messaging window so that MM users can add instructions/messages to the documents that they upload to the Portal for their clients. If Client Messaging is enabled in preferences, clients can respond in the Portal to those messages. If it is disabled, clients can receive but not send messages.
    • Portal Messaging – the Encrypted Portal Messaging functionality has been added and will be progressively rolled out to users over the coming weeks.
      • Added an option to Preferences to enable Portal Messaging. Note that this option will only be visible to select firms to begin with and will be progressively rolled out.
      • Added the ability (once enabled) to send, receive, review and reply to portal messages from the Documents tab of a matter via the message preview window. The reply window includes additional functionality such as requesting documents or marking progress items as complete.
      • Added the ability to send, receive and review messages from the Document Inbox
      • Added the ability to create Quickparts for messages including signatures
      • Added a filter to Quickparts to allow users to search for messaging quickparts
      • Added the ability to add hyperlinks to messages and Quickparts
      • Added the ability to assign, print and sent review dates for portal messages
      • Added additional search options to the Documents tab
      • Added User Options for the ability for the user to set up a default messaging signature to the Documents/Messaging user options.
    • Add the recording of rejection of documents in Portal History
    • Added a help menu button to the top of the messaging window.
    • Added a user preferences button to the Document preview window that allows users to specify how they want the document preview and message preview windows to behave.
    • Added the ability to export the Portal History of a matter to excel.
    • Fix a bug which resulted in an error when downloading a portal document for a progress item that had been deleted.
    • Fixed an issue which resulted in an error message if all of the Progress Items on a matter where deleted.
    • Modified the behaviour of the Portal such that if a user re-uploads a document to the Portal, it will no longer mark the earlier document as ‘replaced’ but instead will just sequentially name and number the item.
    • Modified the portal history log to include details of all document requests and document uploads from the MM User.
    • Modified the Portal History results to include the original document file name as well as the name of the progress item it is linked to.
    • Portal History now records details of Portal being turned off for a client.
    • Preferences – Added a User permission to allow a user to send Portal Messages.
    • Preferences – Added additional options for length of time documents uploaded by the Agent are stored on the Portal to include 60 and 90 day options.
    • Fixed an issue where uploaded documents were not being listed in the Portal admin window for some users.
  • Progress Items
    • Checklists – Added a basic compliance checklist.
    • Checklist – Added a basic skills assessment checklist.
  •  Questionnaires
    • CIQ Version 10.5.8 Released
      • Modification to the wording of the character question on outstanding debts
      • Modification of the wording of the education question for family visas
      • Macua Special Administrative Region added to the country dropdown lists
    • Preferences: In the Questionnaire preferences we have added the ability to create additional email templates for all of the currently available PDF questionnaire types.
    • Fixed an error that affected some users that occurred when importing a BSQ which was missing information about intended number of hours per week.
    • Fixed an issue where merging a Questionnaire was not displaying a number for the number of children from this relationship field.
    • Fixed an Issue where the import was not setting the correct relationship status upon import for former spouses of family sponsors for certain users.
    • Fixed an issue where the main language tag on a language in MM was not merging in to a merged questionnaire.
    • Modified the Questionnaire merge to now export details of friends who have been marked as witnesses in the MM relations tab even if they are not located in Australia.
  • Reports
    • Added a filter option to reports to also filter by “Starts With”. For example, show all names starting with the letter ‘B’.
    • Fix an issue where reporting on the Progress item ‘Close File – Archive File – Item Completion Date’ did not correctly recognise date filters.
    • Fixed an issue that resulted in duplicate contact person details appearing in reports.
    • Fixed an issue with the Fee Earner Performance Report where the billed column incorrectly included amounts on reversed invoices and the Draft/WIP column incorrectly included amounts on deleted draft invoices.
    • Fixed the title of the Portal Documents Downloaded by Client Report.
  • System Tools and Preferences
    • Modified the Legendcom settings tab to try and address an issue some users have had with disappearing legendcom logon details. If you still have a problem with this issue after the next update, please contact our support team.
    • Modify the new Users tool to now enable all user permissions by default when creating a new user.
  • Other
    • SQL2005 Users will now receive a warning that Migration Manager will soon cease supporting SQL2005. If you receive this warning please contact our Help Desk to discuss upgrading to a newer version of SQL Server.
    • Server performance improvements made to decrease CPU usage for various SQL queries.
    • Update Forms Downloader – Added additional functionality to the forms downloader to handle slower than normal internet connections that were resulting in some users experiences issues downloading forms as part of the update.
    • Modified the behaviour of the New Matter window to prevent the incorrect selection of matter type when duplicating a previous matter.
    • Fixed an error message experienced by some users when logging a support request.
    • Fixed an issue affecting Batch Import that resulted in the import failing to import the summary note.
    • Modified Batch Import to be able to import gender no matter the case used.
    • Fixed an issue that resulted in the reset lockevents not releasing page locks for intended study, events and funds.
    • Fixed an issue where the progress activity window had misaligned labels.
    • Fixed an issue which resulted in passport country and visa expiry dates not showing on the Open File window.
    • Modified error message windows to include a ‘Get Support’ button that will take the user straight to the log a support call tool.
    • Modified the behavior of batch import to provide further details about how to deal with missing OLEDB settings.
    • Modified the behavior of the Progress tab to prevent users from entering a date outside of the allowable range.
    • Modified the behavior of the update window to full load the window before checking for updates.
    • Modified the matter categories to add the matter types of Skills Assessment and Compliance. Note that these are just basic entries and you should add additional matter types to these categories.
    • Modified the Open window such that ‘hide closed files’ is ticked by default to improve the speed of this window opening for firms with large matter lists.
    • SQL tech support window no longer triggers back ups for minor SQL queries.
    • Update window: added additional warning if there is a legendcom password or username issue.
    • Added additional error analysis tools for system out of memory errors.
    • Other fixes and improvements.

A list of previous updates and what they included can be found here: Release Update History


How to Perform the Update

When you are ready to perform the update, you should login as the Administrator and then click on the Help menu and then click Online Update. For full instructions on how to perform the update, please see: How to Perform an Update.


When the update window opens click the ‘Start’ button and then follow any prompts. We do recommend that you do a full update and download the latest DIBP forms from Legendcom/immiAccount as DIBP has recently released a number of Form changes

One final point, if you have any problems performing the update please don’t hesitate to contact Migration Manager’s support team who are there to help you. You can log a support call through the Help button in Migration Manager or you can click the Support link in the menu bar at the top of this webpage.


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