Migration Manager Software and Questionnaire Update – Versions 8.1.6 & 8.1.7

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Migration Manager Update

A major update (version 8.1.6 and 8.1.7) for Migration Manager will shortly be released and its contains a number of enhancements, bug fixes and new features. We have set out details about what is included in this update below which we recommend you read. This update includes a number of new features including:

  • A new Humanitarian Tab
  • Modifications to File Notes
  • Improved Accounts features including a new Invoice setup
  • An updated Questionnaire
  • And much more (you will see a very long list with lots of details below)

If you want to learn more about how to use many of the new features then we highly recommend that you come along to one of upcoming training seminars scheduled for Melbourne and Sydney during March, with other cities to be announced shortly.

How to Perform the Update

When you are ready to perform the update, you should login as the Administrator and then click on the Help menu and then click Online Update.

When the update window opens click the ‘Start’ button and then follow any prompts. We do recommend that you do a full update and download the latest DIBP forms from Legendcom .

If you have any problems performing the update please don’t hesitate to contact Migration Manager’s support team who are there to help you. You can log a support call through the Help button in Migration Manager or you can click the Support link in the menu bar at the top of this webpage.

What is in the Update: Change Log – Version 8.1.6 & Version 8.1.7

  • Program
    • This update includes a major change to the base .Net environment MM works with. MM now requires that all computers have installed .Net 4.5 as a minimum in order for Migration Manager to work. For anyone who keeps their computers updated regularly this will not be a problem and you will most likely already have this windows feature already installed. Some users, so Migration Manager will, after this update, prompt them to install the .Net update.
    • Small Screen: The behaviour of Migration Manager has been modified for those using small screens such that the side bar and the bottom status bar will automatically minimise/maximise in certain circumstances to provide users with more screen real estate when looking at large pages within MM.
  • Accounts
    • Improved Invoice. The invoice form and template now includes a section for setting out the available Client/Trust funds and how much is intended to be transferred from the Client/Trust account to the Operating Account. Users will have the ability to use this on an invoice by invoice basis
    • Trust Account features. Migration Manager will soon have all the necessary accounting features to meet the requirements for Trust Accounting (there are still a couple of features to go live before we can call ourselves a Trust Accounting program). The features which have been added include:
      • Trust Account audit report – Migration Manager now tracks changes such as the creation/deletion of files, changes to the type/category of the file and changes to residential/postal address of the client. This report can be run from Reports.
      • Reports now include Transaction Date and Recorded Date.
      • Preference to enforce Trust Account requirements. If you want to use Migration Manager’s account system as a Trust Account you will need to tick this preference. From that point forward you will need to ensure that when using the Account system that certain information is recorded on the file to meet your Trust obligations.
    • Xero Integration. Xero integration is being rolled out to our Beta Testers and to allow that to happen the following changes have been made to MM. Most of these changes do not require users to do anything different to what they are now:
      • Modification of the Tax Codes to differentiate between expenses and income.
      • Modification of the Fees, Costs and Disbursements schedules, forms, invoices, deposit requests etc to handle the new Tax Codes.
      • A new General Ledger tab has been added to the Accounts preferences to record the GL Codes that correspond to Xero.
  • Client Detail Form
    • New Humanitarian Tab. If you set the Visa Subclass to one of the humanitarian visas you will now see a Humanitarian subtab under the Applicants tab. This tab is used for recording information such as Boat IDs, Ethnicity, Religion, whether the person has their own claims and what each of those claims are.
    • Documents Tab: Drag and Drop of files will now show the file creation/edited date in the Document tab as opposed to the date it was dragged and dropped on to the Documents tab.
    • Documents Tab: Tiff files and files with extensions in uppercase should now show in the preview window.
    • Documents Tab: Modified the wording of the document status items.
    • File Numbering: Fixed an issue where those using the file numbers involving years weren’t seeing the file count reset when they created a new file in a new year.
    • Improved dropdown field behavior. With the upgrade to .Net 4.5 the dropdown fields for things such as Visa Subclass, Countries will now behave slightly differently (for the better).
    • Family Sponsor: fixed a bug that causes an error if there was an ‘ an in the family sponsor’s surname.
    • Visa Subclasses and Streams list updated.
    • Occupations list updated.
  • File Notes. Based on feedback about the new File Note system we have made a number of minor changes to the way the system works
    • Send To: We have changed the way Send To works. Previously when you choose to send a file note to someone it marked them as responsible. This limited who you could send it to. Send To now no longer affects responsibility nor does a person have to be responsible for a File Note to have a copy sent to them. Instead the option to ‘Send To’ will now send a notice to any staff member into their Document Inbox that there is a File Note that they should look at. From within Document Inbox that user can then open and view the File Note.
    • File Note Comments: Fixed a bug which prevented some users from being able to delete a comment from a File Note.
    • File Note Cover Note: Fixed a bug which prevents some users from being able to edit the Cover Note. There is now a User Preference which you set to give users permission to edit the Cover Note (which can be set separately to the User Permission to edit a File Note).
    • File Note Preference: There are now Preferences that allow you to set the order of the File Notes to be able to show the most recent comment at the top of any File Note.
    • File Note Cover Note Preference: There are now Preferences that allow you to set the order of the Cover Note comments to be able to show the most recent comment first or to be able to only show the most recent comment.
    • File Note Screen Size: File Notes now work better on small screens. If you have a big screen (and your User Preference is set to open large file notes) Migration Manager will automatically open the File Notes at their maximum size (double the base size). If you have a small screen Migration Manager will now open File Notes at their base size and will at the same time collapse parts of the program side panel to give you more space.
    • File Note Titles: Fixed a bug which affected the title being updated based on the type of note being created.
    • Quick Parts: When you add a Quick Part to a File Note you will now have the option to update the title of the File Note;
  • Forms & eVisa & VEVO
    • Multiple eVisa field mapping updates. Note that our eVisa system is no longer updated as part of the main program update. Instead the eVisa system is updated silently in the background by the program on a near daily basis. If you have reported an issue with evisa field not filling out properly recently you should find that it has been updated and is working properly now. If not, please do let us know.
    • Fixed an issue for some users where the Forms downloader was trying to login in to VEVO.
    • Form 866 and Form 790 have been updated to utilise the information from the new Humanitarian Tab.
    • Other form fixes.
  • Portal (Beta Testers). The rollout of the Portal is gathering pace and we are adding more and more of those who signed up to be Beta Testers each week. If you’ve previously enrolled to be a Beta tester and haven’t received your invite yet, it will be coming to your shortly. To the Beta Testers who have provided your feedback, a big Thank You. Your comments and ideas have been very important to shaping how the Portal works. For those who would like to get early access to the Portal, you will need to come along to one of our upcoming seminars to find out more information.
    • Preferences: We have modified how your Portal subdomain names get set. The subdomain will now be based on Firm Names as recorded in the Firm Tab. Changes to your Portal subdomain can now only be made by Support.
    • Portal Download Page: Minor changes have been made to the menu options in Migration Manager to facilitate the downloading, reviewing and rejecting and documents received from the Portal.
    • Portal Web Page: Added the ability for users to upload multiple pages to an item listed in their Client Portal page. When these download in Migration Manager these items will be labelled the same but numbered.
    • Portal Web Page: Added extra layers of security with the addition of McAfee Secure certification.
    • Portal Web Page: Modified lock out behaviour for multiple incorrect login attempts.
  • Progress Items/Checklist
    • Added Paying for a Visa Sponsorship Declarations and Certification items to sponsored visas
    • Other minor modifications
  • Questionnaires
    • New version of the CIQ (10.1.13) that includes:
      • Partner visas will now ask additional address questions for Sponsors.
      • Partner visas will now ask for additional Sponsor’s travel history.
      • Child Visas: fixed an issue that hid parents and sibling questions for migrants under the age of 18.
      • Temporary Visas: Added questions about AusAid Sponsorship
      • Skilled Visas: For the Initial Consultation Questionnaire the address question ask for Australian addresses for the last 2 years if the intention is set to Skilled and current country is set to Australia.
      • Made English Language tests visible for short work visas.
      • Updated the list of Visa Subclasses.
      • Added superior and vocational to the languages skill level.
      • Added Military Training questions.
      • Changed previous relationships question for relationship type “Engaged” to now ask for date relationship began as opposed to date of engagement.
      • Modified the behaviour of the Questionnaire when you changing the type of the Questionnaire (removed some of the pop ups to make it quicker).
      • Modified the File Number question to handle numbers longer than 8 digits.
      • Other minor bug fixes.
    • Import: Better handling of information where a person does not have a date of birth or there is an ‘ in their name.
    • Import: Importing of the Questionnaire no longer results in old visas being automatically tracked in Snapshot.
    • Import: Better handling of Questionnaires which have been opened by programs other than Adobe Reader.
    • Import: Fixed a big which for some users affected the creation of Family Sponsors at the time of import.
    • Merge: Merged Questionnaires will now handle the new information for this Questionnaire update.
    • Merge: Fixed a bug which for some users resulted in some duplicate data upon the reimport of a merged Questionnaire
  • Reports
    • Added additional Accounts Reports
    • Fixed a bug affecting the reporting of Alternative References
    • Improved the speed of generating Reports which contain Progress Items
  • Snapshot & Task Inbox
    • New Snapshot: Has been modified to show File Notes which you have been sent that are in your Document Inbox.
    • New Snapshot: Bug fixed that was resulting in some people seeing more file notes being listed for review than actually existed.
  • Task Inbox, Document Inbox
    • Document Inbox: File Notes sent via the ‘Send To’ function now appear in the Document Inbox.
    • Document Inbox: Fixed an issue that affect some users being able to preview some types of documents
    • Home Page: Milestones pipeline list modified to be easier to read.
    • Webleads: Fixed an issue that stops comments importing into the file note system.
  • Templates
    • Added an Appeals and Citizenship pack for those how are subscribed to the Templates
    • Fixed a bug that was adding letterheads to letters marked as NLH (Not requiring Letter Head).
    • Added addition GST fields for Account Blocks
  • Various other minor bug fixes
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