Migration Manager Software (v8.3.4) and Questionnaire Update (v10.4.3)

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A minor update (version 8.3.4) for Migration Manager and the Client Information Questionnaire (version 10.4.3) will soon be released for Beta testers with the main release currently estimated for late January.

Also a reminder to our Melbourne users that we will be holding our Training Seminars on the 7th of February. If you are interested in attending we recommend you book your tickets soon as the event is nearly sold out. Details about our Melbourne Seminar can be found at: Melbourne Seminar

The Migration Manager program and Questionnaire update will see a number improvements and minor fixes.

What is in the Update: Change Log – Version 8.3.4 and Questionnaire Version 10.4.3

  • Accounts
    • Modify the wording in the Fee Code schedule to indicate that Fees are for all types of matters and not just visa applications.
    • Fixed a bug affecting time recording where a matter which by default was to exclude tax a fee item was showing as including tax if a Fee Code had not yet been selected.
  • Client Detail
    • Added ‘Seasonal Worker’ as a stream to the Subclass 403 Matter Type.
    • Fixed a bug which caused an error if a saved document did not have a receipt date.
  • Emails
    • Improvements made to Email Capture’s handling of Outlook being open or closed.
    • Improvements made to Email Captures handling of multiple attachments which have the same name.
    • Fixed a bug which was resulting in duplicate emails appearing in the Document Inbox.
    • Fixed a bug which was resulting in Migration Manage appearing multiple times in Windows Notification control settings.
  • File Notes
    • Fixed a bug which showed completed file notes in the Filenotes window even if ‘hide completed file notes was ticked’.
  • Forms & eLodge
    • eVisa is now eLodge.
    • Forms 1194 and 1399 have been added to the PDF Form Filler.
  • Portal and Progress items
    • Marking a document as ‘Complete’ in the Document Inbox no longer takes you back to the top of the list.
  • Questionnaires – new CIQ version 10.4.3
    • Fixed an issue with ID documents and English Test results not importing properly from old Questionnaires (version 9 CIQ).
    • Fixed an issue affecting the import where of a relative who was only listed as a guardian was not importing all the bio data of that person.
    • New CIQ version 10.4.3
      • Change of wording of temporary questionnaire travel question.
      • Added option in Office Use Only to enable Portal Upload Instructions (and hide email instructions).
      • Modified family sponsor section to better handle 590 visas.
      • Fixed an issue with some countries not showing in the visa history list.
      • Fixed an issue with the character section in family sponsor not showing properly.
      • Added United Nations to country dropdown lists.
  • Other
    • Speed boost to the opening of the Preferences window.
    • Upon start up, Migration Manager will now detect if the user’s computer has incompatible date format settings and warn the user that these settings need to be changed in order for Migration Manager to work. Instructions on how to modify your computer’s date format settings can be found at: How to change your Computer Date format.
    • Fixed a bug that affected the creation of a new user where the initials were greater than 4 characters.
    • Fixed an issue affecting Batch Import where the import data contained details of an Office not set up in Migration Manager.
    • Added an option in the Help menu to book further training.
    • Other minor bug fixes and enhancements.

A list of previous updates and what they included can be found here: Release Update History

How to Perform the Update

When you are ready to perform the update, you should login as the Administrator and then click on the Help menu and then click Online Update. For full instructions on how to perform the update, please see: How to Perform an Update.


When the update window opens click the ‘Start’ button and then follow any prompts. We do recommend that you do a full update and download the latest DIBP forms from Legendcom/immiAccount as DIBP has recently released a number of essential changes – this update includes new mappings for a number of these updated forms.

On one final point, if you have any problems performing the update please don’t hesitate to contact Migration Manager’s support team who are there to help you. You can log a support call through the Help button in Migration Manager or you can click the Support link in the menu bar at the top of this webpage.


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