Migration Manager Templates, Program and Questionnaire Updates

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Updates for Migration Manager, the Questionnaires and the Templates  will soon be released to all users that primarily caters to the recent changes made by the Department of Immigration.

The Migration Manager program and Questionnaire update will see a number improvements and minor fixes which are listed below. The publisher of the Template packs has also advised that the contracts and factsheets have been amended and update released to include the DIBP paypal payment option.  Also the factsheets summary of costs has been reworded as an Estimate of Fees and Charges which the MARA has confirmed meets the requirements of clause 5.2(a) of the Code of Conduct. Updated template packs for the recent changes to the 400 series visas types are currently being prepared and will be released to all template subscribers as soon as they are ready.

What is in the Update: Change Log – Version 8.3.3 and Questionnaire Version 10.3.8

  • Accounts
    • Added Estimated Time for each Block of Work
    • Added an option to the Accounts Summary Page to import default figures from the Schedules for Estimated Fee and Estimated total hours
    • Fixed an error received when trying to generate invoices with reference number of more than 10 digits
    • Fixed an error with the time recorder that affected some users when switching day views
  • Client Detail
    • Added new Sponsorship options to the Business Sponsor tab
    • Added new Visa and Stream types to the cover page for subclass 400, 403 407, 408, 188
    • Added new Sponsorship/Nomination category and matter types to the cover page
    • Added additional questions to the Business Sponsor matter type for adverse information, labour hire and associated costs
    • Added a question for incapacitated for work for included dependants
    • Added MINITRAC to the list of available Skills Assessing bodies
    • Modified the gender question to now handle ‘Other’
    • Added additional fields to the Intended Employment tab
    • Add expiry dates to ID Documents
  • Emails
    • Fixed an issue preventing auto matching on reference numbers in lowercase
  • File Notes
    • Fixed a bug that prevented some users from deleting file notes
    • Fixed an issue that resulted in the cover note on a sponsors file not showing
  • Progress &  Portal
    • Added checklist for new visa and sponsorship types
    • Fixed a bug which affected the naming of files received via the Portal with Chinese characters in the title
  • Questionnaires – new CIQ version 10.3.8
    • Added additional age bracket for dependents over the age of 23
    • Added a question for incapacitated for work for included dependants
    • Modified the gender question to now handle ‘Other’
    • Add expiry dates to ID Documents
  • Templates & Letters
    • Added merge fields for new Estimated Block Times
    • Fixed a bug which prevented some users from using the scroll bar in the templates list
    • Fixed a bug which affected the merging of fields in the footer of some documents
    • Fixed a bug which affected the merging of combined street fields within a table
  • Other
    • Speed boost to the export to PDF options
    • Speed boost to the PDF Forms bug reporter
    • The old snapshot now correctly shows the last date of email capture
    • Other minor bug fixes and enhancements.

A list of previous updates and what they included can be found here: Release Update History

How to Perform the Update

When you are ready to perform the update, you should login as the Administrator and then click on the Help menu and then click Online Update. For full instructions on how to perform the update, please see: How to Perform an Update.

When the update window opens click the ‘Start’ button and then follow any prompts. We do recommend that you do a full update and download the latest DIBP forms from Legendcom/immiAccount as DIBP has recently released a number of essential changes – this update includes new mappings for a number of these updated forms.

On one final point, if you have any problems performing the update please don’t hesitate to contact Migration Manager’s support team who are there to help you. You can log a support call through the Help button in Migration Manager or you can click the Support link in the menu bar at the top of this webpage.


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