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A minor update (version 8.3.0) for Migration Manager and the Client Information Questionnaire (version 10.3.5) will soon be released for Beta testers with the main release currently estimated for mid November.

The Migration Manager program and Questionnaire update will see a number improvements and minor fixes. These update will also see the addition of a specific Conflict Check tool, full details of which can be found in this article: How to perform a Conflict Check.

What is in the Update: Change Log – Version 8.3.0 and Questionnaire Version 10.3.5

  • Accounts
    • Added functionality to handle Paypal surcharges for Disbursements and Receipts
    • Added a Time Billing Report
    • Fixed an issue that affected export to Xero if an invoice had a non numeric number
    • Fixed an error when creating an Office Receipt with a Credit Line with a Credit Card Surcharge
    • Fixed an issue where invoice adjustment dates were not printing
    • Fixed an issue with invoices and multiple adjustment lines
  • Client Detail
    • Increase the size of the Refresh, Active and Time Record buttons
    • Added a field to the vsias tab to allow the recording of country of visa
    • Boat ID can now be searched for via the Open window
    • Fixed an issue that restricted the ability to search via Sponsor Matter ID for some users in the Open window
    • Added additional options and fields to the Future >Funds tab to record difference sources of funds (primarily for Student Visas)
    • Added additional fields to the Future > Intended Employment tab
    • Modified the Employment tab to now have a dropdown for Industry Type
    • Added fields to the Health Insurance section for the recording of the Policy Number
    • Back end code improvements to make the Client Detail window open quicker for more users
    • Added Subclass 500 – Student Visa (Subsequent Entrant) as a matter option
    • Fixed an issue which was restricting the searching of documents in the Documents tab if the file was read only
    • Modified the wording of the Character Questions relating to the overstaying of visas
    • Added fields to the Health tab for the recording of a reason for a Hospital Visit
    • Fixed an issue which was resulting in the Sponsor Name not showing in the New window
    • Fixed an issue that prevented some users from being able to delete a client’s profile picture
  • Emails
    • Modified the email send option to now always use Outlooks default email address instead of the default Data file
    • Fixed an issue that was preventing the DIBP Client Number from being inserted in to the email subject line for some users
    • Email Capture: Added a User Preference option for default grouping view
      • Added grouping email grouping option to sort capture emails chronologically and reverse chronologically
      • Modified the auto capture to handle computers which used alternative date formats
      • Added an option to the email capture user preferences window to exclude by Subject line
      • Exclusion rules are now operational for manual capture
      • Exclusion rules can now block internal email sent using exchange
      • The manual capture window now remains on top even if Migration Manager is minimised
      • Selected capture now has an option to treat all emails capture from a folder as the same type of item (i.e. email sent or email received)
      • Fixed an issue affecting the matching and saving of duplicated emails
  • eVisa
    • Updated to handle new fields added to Migration Manager
    • Fix an issue where eVisa was not handling commas in salary figures
    • Other bug fixes and enhancements.
  • File Notes
    • Added an autosave feature to file notes
    • Fixed an issue which resulted in part of the reminder window not showing correctly for some users
    • Fixed an issue affecting the printing of file notes for some users
  • Letters & Documents
    • Fixed an issue where embedding a letter in to the body of an email changed the font
    • Add merge fields for PayPal surcharges
    • Change the Visa Applying For merge field to now be Matter Type/Visa Applying For
  • Progress &  Portal
    • Added an option in Portal Preferences for firms to put a link for their Privacy Policy on the Portal
    • Added an option in Portal Preferences for firms to add and edit their own terms and condition
    • Fixed an issue which affected the saving of Progress Items with an apostrophe in them
    • Fixed an issue affect the Decision workflow launched from the Progress tab
  • Questionnaires
    • Released CIQ Version 10.3.4 which contains
      • Changed wording for date of first arrival for sponsor
      • Change student visa to now ask for intended Australian location, longer travel history, parent details, all visa history and modified the Address instructions, Children questions, Parent section, Financial support section and Employment section.
      • In employment, switch business type to industry type dropdown for PA, Spouse, Child, Dependents
      • Add country of visa field to Visas question
      • Change visa type to a text field for non Australian visas
      • Add reasons dropdown to hospital visits
      • Change relationship start date question text to now read “When did you start this relationship”
      • Changed education question for most PR visas to now match Form 80
      • Modified the assets and liabilities dropdown options for business skills
      • Add policy number field to insurance
      • Add visa type field for non-Australian visas
      • Modified wording regarding visa overstaying question in character
      • Added new sections for non included dependant’s health and character questions (shows on Full only).
    • Modified the CIQ import to fill out relationship start date instead of relationship commitment date
    • Fixed an issue with BSQ import not finding suitable matches of existing applicants and nominations
    • Fixed an issue where subsequent BSQ imports was not updating existing position details
  • Reports
    • Added a Time Recording report
    • Fixed an issue which was causing very large reports to timeout during generation
  • Tools
    • Added a Conflict Check tool that can be used to search Client Names, Applicant Names, Contacts and Relatives and save a report of the results to a matter.
  • Other
    • Speed improvement on searching for secondary applicants via the Open window
    • Improvements to the menu interface to prevent menus from not showing for some users
    • Fixed a bug that affected Migration Manager if the user’s legendcom subscription has expired
    • Make it possible to separate RMA and Email addresses against a User/RMA profile
    • Other minor bug fixes and enhancements.
  • Other
    • Other minor bug fixes and enhancements.

A list of previous updates and what they included can be found here: Release Update History

How to Perform the Update

When you are ready to perform the update, you should login as the Administrator and then click on the Help menu and then click Online Update. For full instructions on how to perform the update, please see: How to Perform an Update.

When the update window opens click the ‘Start’ button and then follow any prompts. We do recommend that you do a full update and download the latest DIBP forms from Legendcom/immiAccount as DIBP has recently released a number of essential changes – this update includes new mappings for a number of these updated forms.

On one final point, if you have any problems performing the update please don’t hesitate to contact Migration Manager’s support team who are there to help you. You can log a support call through the Help button in Migration Manager or you can click the Support link in the menu bar at the top of this webpage.


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