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Migration Manager is about to release the Major 8.2 Software update that has been actively going through Beta for the last few weeks. There is a lot in this update, with many new features, modifications and fixes included.

The update will be progressively rolled out to all users over the coming days – if you haven’t received it yet you soon will. Our Beta Testers and anyone who has recently had Migration Manager installed will already have a significant portion of what is included in the update. For everyone else, the update will see a number of major changes to the way people use Migration Manager. To save you having to read over the previous articles which covered each of the Beta updates, we have put all of the different parts together in this one article, starting with the big ticket features which should get your attention:

1. Automated Email Capture

Until now, if you wanted to capture and save emails to Migration Manager client files, you had to use the manual Email Capture tool. As of Version 8.2, this all changes with the introduction of the Automated Email Capture system. Migration Manager’s Automated Email Capture allows you to automatically capture, match and save emails from Outlook into the relevant files in Migration Manager. Once activated, the Automated Email Capture service will run in the background, automatically monitoring and capturing emails from the User’s Inbox and Sent folders in Outlook It will then try to match and save those emails to the relevant matters in Migration Manager. Whilst the user is logged in to Migration Manager, the Automated Email Capture service will perform the following steps at set time intervals (provided it has been turned on):

  • It will capture and copy all emails and attachments from Outlook which have been sent and received since the last capture was performed;
  • It will assess each of the newly captured emails to determine if they can be automatically assigned to a matter in Migration Manager;
  • It will assess each of the emails which have previously been captured over the last 45 days to determine whether there is any new information which has been entered or updated in Migration Manager which would now allow these emails to be assigned (i.e. a matter might have been updated with Department reference numbers, in which case if there is an email which contains this Department reference number in the subject line it will now be assigned to that matter);
  • Emails which have been assigned will automatically be copied to the Document tab of the relevant matter.

In addition, because everyone will now be capturing email automatically, we have added a de-duplication feature to the Documents tab of each file. By default all items which are duplicates will now be hidden from the Documents tab view. Note that the duplicates will still exist on your computer/server – they just won’t be visible in the Documents tab.

Going forward, your involvement with the capture system will be to just check what has been captured,review any items which were not automatically matched to a matter and manually match these items where necessary. And the best part is, the more you send emails using Migration Manager and update information such as DIBP reference numbers, email address etc, the more accurate the auto capture system becomes and the less you have to check it for unmatched items. As a result of this feature, our beta testers have seen a significant improvement in the efficiency of of saving emails to related matters. Now everyone in the firm can have greater certainty that when they look in a matter in Migration Manager, they are seeing a complete copy of all email correspondence anyone in the firm has had in relation to that matter.

For more details on the new Automated Email Capture system please read Understanding the new Automated Email Capture.   For details on how to set it up, please see our training video and instruction article at: How to Activate the Auto Email Capture.

2. Time Recording

In version 8.2 we have added a time recording feature, giving all users the ability to track how long they spend on different matters. If you use Migration Manager’s accounts system, you can use the time recordings to generate invoices. For those who don’t use the Account system, you will still find this feature very useful for gaining an understanding of how long you spend on each matter. For instructions on how to use the new Time Recording tool, please see User Manual – Time Recording

3. The Portal

As of update 8.2, the Secure Client Portal is being released to everyone. A big thank you to all of our Beta Testers who have provided great feedback and suggestions on the Secure Client Portal over the last few months – the design and features have changed significantly since we first released Portal to Beta and it is based on the awesome feedback we have received. We are very excited to see how the Portal changes and improves your interaction with your clients. To help you get started with using the Secure Client Portal, we recommend you check out What you need to know about the New Secure Client Portal.

4. New Student Visas

The online eVisa application system will now let you fill applications for the new Subclass 500 and Subclass 590 Visas.

5. Batch VEVO Search

Batch VEVO allows you to perform a VEVO search for as many people as you want across as many matters as you want. With a few clicks, you can have Migration Manager go off and check the status of a list of migrants and then provide you with a report of the outcome. Even better, the report will highlight to you if it detects any changes in circumstances that have occurred since the last time you ran a VEVO search for an individual.

In testing, the average search time was between 7 and 10 seconds per searched person. This means you can do searches on  1000 clients in less than 2 hours – try doing that manually. This feature will be of great benefit to anyone who wants to offer a visa entitlements monitoring service to their 457 Business Sponsors, keeping tabs on employees rights to work. It will also allow you to perform a quick visa check against a list of potential recruits – you can quickly import a large number of people from a spreadsheet via the Batch Import function and then perform the Batch VEVO search. For more information on how to use Batch VEVO search, please see How to perform a Batch VEVO Search

6. A new User Manual

This update will also see the release of our new and improved User Manual. We have moved to a new platform which should make it easier for us to publish new articles and updates more regularly as well making easier for the end user to search and find what they are looking for. You can access the new user manual via the Help menu in Migration Manager or by clicking this link: Migration Manager User Manual . One to note is that the manual is not yet fully complete as there are still some articles being updated and transitioned across. In the mean time the old user manual will continue to remain available.

What is in the Update: Change Log – Version 8.2.7

  • Accounts
    • Added a new feature: Time Recording. Users can now record time entries via the newly added timesheet. For instructions on how to use the new Time Recording tool, please see our new User Manual section;
    • In the Accounts setup, the label for Set Application Type fees has been reworded to Set Matter Type Fees;
    • Modified the Aged Debtors Report to now be filtered by the ‘As At’ date;
    • Xero integration functionality will be released to Beta Testers;
    • Invoices have been updated to show a Qty column;
    • Fixed an issue for timesheets where the merging of unbilled entries was resulting in the amount field being set to zero. Now when you merge rows in the time sheet, it will take the fee code and fee amount of the top most entry selected;
    • Added a preference to set the default due date for Invoices;
    • Added a field to the Accounts Summary page of each file to over-ride the default invoice due date and set a specific term for invoices generated in the selected matter;
    • Modified the Opening Balances screen to only show applicable tax codes;
    • Add new rows to the Matter Type Fees table for new Student Visas;
    • Modified the Accounts report window to make it easier to find the report you are looking for;
    • On the Accounts BAS Report, added N-T figures;
    • Added a new report providing details of the disbursements outlaid and whether reimbursements have been applied to cover those costs;
    • Added new Invoice templates that include a simple Statement of Account summary at the start. Feedback suggests this modification will make invoices easier to understand;
    • Modified the Tax Code description wording to be easier to understand;
  • Client Detail
    • Added a Timer button to the top right hand corner of the Client Detail window. Clicking this launches the Time Sheet window and adds an entry for the relevant matter;
    • Added a right click option to all of the applicant detail grids which lets you copy the row and output the details in a text file;
    • Documents tab has now been modified to save and record all documents in UTC time. Each user will see the Documents tab in the order of their local timezone;
    • Documents tab now has a de-duplication function. By default all items which are duplicates will be hidden (note that the duplicates will still exist on your server – they just won’t be visible in the Documents tab);
    • Modified the Issuing Authority field in the Passport tab to allow longer entries;
    • Fixed a bug that meant that dates were not being exported correctly in to excel in the Visits tab;
    • Fixed a bug where the Primary Applicant was sometimes shown as having no relationship with other applicants;
    • Fixed an issue where selecting a Manager or Clerk sometime required multiple clicks;
    • Fixed an issue which prevented the Manager or Clerk from being manually removed from a file via the RMA tab;
    • Fixed an issue in Citizenship where changing the ‘How Acquired’ status didn’t always save;
    • Fixed an issue where the Dept ID field for the Primary Applicant wasn’t linking to the DIBP tab;
    • Fixed a bug where Business Sponsor correspondence town was not saving in certain circumstances;
    • Fixed a bug in addresses which prevented a user from seeing another applicant’s addresses if the currently selected applicant did not yet have any address entries;
    • Fixed a bug which affected the changing of the Began Relationship Date field;
    • Fixed a bug which prevented the business start date being a date before 1/1/1900;
    • Fixed a bug which affected the ANZCO lookup window that set the cursor on the grid as opposed to the search box;
    • Fixed a bug which let you type in the assessments grids when you hadn’t yet created a row;
    • Fixed a bug which was hiding the question in Nominations about whether the terms and conditions of employment applied to Australian employees;
    • Modified the name edit function for documents so that it only saves the changes when you click ‘Save’;
    • Visa applying for has been changed to Matter type throughout the program;
    • Modified the documents view to be more efficient when filtering by folders;
    • The Business Sponsor matter type has been updated to now include fields for Trusts, Business Owners and Adverse Business Information;
    • Documents tab reconciliation has been sped up;
    • Documents tab reconciliation has been changed to account for slow dropdox/box/google drive syncing. Going forward if the reconciliation detects that a document was added to the matter within the last month but has never been found on this computer,. running the reconciliation, will mark the document as ‘not found’ instead of deleting it.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the contact person’s address town from saving;
  • Emails
    • Email capture has been completely changed. Emails are now captured via an automated capture and matching service. For details on how to use the new email capture service please see our new User Manual section;
    • Modified the email capture settings to now match based on Primary Applicants main and alternative email addresses;
    • Modified the way auto capture works to prevent the Administrator performing an email capture. The Administrator file should only be used for making modifications to preferences/permissions and not performing day to day activities;
  • File Notes
    • Added a user preferences window for being able to quickly edit the current user’s Filenotes settings;
    • Added the ability to transfer file notes from one matter to another via the Other menu option;
    • Fixed an issue that prevented Beta users from previewing different file notes;
    • Fixed a bug which was preventing the File Notes grid view from updating when you created a new note;
  • Forms & Evisa
    • New evisa application types for Subclass 500 and Subclass 590
    • The Form filler window has undergone a face lift to remove excess wording/heading and make it clearer to see the key steps involved. The Form last downloaded date and Updater function have been made more prominent;
    • Various form updates;
  • Portal (Beta) & Progress Items
    • The Portal Window has been modified to now show everything in two vertical panels;
    • Added the ability for the Agent to upload documents to the Portal from the Documents tab;
    • Added the ability to link documents uploaded from the Documents tab to Progress items;
    • Modified the number of days that Migration Manager can retain copies of documents on the Portal Server;
    • Added additional client notification options for various events;
    • Added additional Portal email templates to preferences;
    • Modified the icon for documents so that it no longer looks like a tick box;
    • Modified the document rejection process to better handle multiple page files;
    • The Portal can no longer be activated for a matter if there is no RMA listed on the file and your Portal Preferences are set so that the RMA is the only person who gets notified that documents have been received;
    • The Portal window has been modified to give you an option to just see Documents or Tasks;
    • Added some direct help links to the relevant sections of the new User Manual;
    • A minor update to the Checklist templates has been made to cater for the new Student Visas;
  • Preferences & Permissions
    • Added an option to turn on password complexity;
    • Added GL Code fields for Xero Beta Testers;
  • Questionnaires
    • Fixed an issue when merging a Questionnaire that resulted in too many parent fields being added;
    • Fixed an issue when merging a Questionnaire where a previously included Spouse had now become an ex-spouse;
    • Fixed an issue when merging a Questionnaire where it didn’t export Guardian relationship type;
    • Fixed an issue when merging a Questionnaire where a child with no date of birth was being listed as over the age of 18;
    • Fixed an issue where Questionnaire export was not populating Sponsor travel history;
  • Reports
    • Added a new Systems Report tab which shows reports for System and Audit logs;
    • Fixed an issue where the field for Intended Lodgement Date was not returning a report value;
    • Fixed an issue which prevented reports from returning the file note dates;
    • Modified the Aged Debtors Report to now be filtered by the ‘As At’ date;
    • Added Batch VEVO functionality to the reports system. It is now possible to perform a mass VEVO search based on report results via the Reports window;
    • Added a filter option for Client/Trust Account reports to filter by Transaction Date or Recording Date;
    • Added a Portal Documents Received History report;
    • Added a Portal Documents Client Downloads History report
    • Added a report that logs user activity in Migration Manager;
  • Letters and Templates
    • Modified the merge fields for Family Sponsors to only use information from the relations tab of the Migrant file;
  • Snapshot & Tasks
    • Added a user preference window for being able to quickly edit this user’s Snapshot settings;
  • Other
    • Increased the number of files which show up in the Recently Opened menu dropdown. The list should also now be in chronological order;
    • Added an audit trail to track adjustments to Users and User Permissions;
    • In Schedules, the label for Application Type fees has been reworded to Matter Type Fees;
    • Fixed a bug which affected searching for names which had a ‘ as the second character e.g. O’Shea;
    • Major improvement to the speed of the Checklist stage of the update – note you won’t see the effect of this until the next update;
    • Enhancements including speeding up the login and loading stages;
    • The RMA creation/editing window now prevents you from creating an RMA profile that does not have a linked User (an unlinked RMA profile can’t receive notifications or documents via the Portal);
    • You will now receive a warning if you link a User to a different RMA and that results in the previous RMA having no connected User;
    • If the DIBP form refresh fails due to an internet connection issue, you will now receive a warning;
    • Added a new RMA/User window. For instructions on how to use the new User/RMA window, see: Create a New User and Create a New RMA;
    • Fixed a bug which was preventing the Open window from remaining open if you ticked ‘Leave Open’ and then deleted a matter;
    • The Open window has been modified to allow searching by Preferred Name;
    • Added additional fields to the RMA registration window;
    • Other minor enhancements and bug improvements.

How to Perform the Update

When you are ready to perform the update, you should login as the Administrator and then click on the Help menu and then click Online Update.

When the update window opens click the ‘Start’ button and then follow any prompts. We do recommend that you do a full update and download the latest DIBP forms from Legendcom/immiAccount as DIBP has recently released a number of essential changes – this update includes new mappings for a number of these updated forms.

On one final point, if you have any problems performing the update please don’t hesitate to contact Migration Manager’s support team who are there to help you. You can log a support call through the Help button in Migration Manager or you can click the Support link in the menu bar at the top of this webpage.

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