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The publishers of the MM templates have released an update to the template packs for subscribers of the MM Templates which includes templates for the Subclass 132 Visa.

The subclass 132 Business Talent visa templates are divided into the two streams of Significant Business History and Venture Capital Entrepreneur.

These templates (in particular, the Fact Sheet and Engagement Contract) use merge fields for the blocks of work required at each stage of the service. These merge fields describe the stage of work required, together with the attendant professional fee, and are linked to the information entered into the Fee Schedule for this subclass.

The subclass 132 templates for both streams are predicated upon the following blocks of work, each related to the 4 stages of the application process described in the relevant Fact Sheets:

  • Block 1: Initial Eligibility Assessment
  • Block 2: Expression of Interest
  • Block 3: State/Territory Nomination Application
  • Block 4: Visa Application

We strongly recommend that users enter the above descriptions for Blocks 1-4 into the Fee Schedule for both streams of subclass 132, along with the relevant professional fees for each block of work, to ensure that the templates merge correctly.

The other areas of the Fee Schedule (i.e. Department fees, agent’s overall fee and time estimate), must also be completed to allow for accurate merging.


  • The professional fee for Block 3 (‘State/Territory Nomination Application’) is listed as ‘TBA’ in the templates, to reflect the fact that users may charge varying professional fees for this service depending upon the nominating agency involved. This is explained in the notes within the relevant templates.
  • Clause 4.A. (‘Payment Structure’) of the Engagement Contract divides the professional fee for Block 4 (‘Visa Application’) into two separate instalments, payable at the time that the application is prepared (4A), and at the time that it is lodged (4B). These instalments must be entered manually in the proportions desired by the user (e.g. 50% per instalment).
  • Should you wish to alter the stages/blocks of work in the template, you must customise this document accordingly.
  • As with all of our templates, please ensure that you read each merged document carefully to ensure that all details have been entered correctly and that the wording aligns with your needs, prior to finalising the document and sending it to the client.

For further information, please refer to Migration Manager User Manual instructions on editing matter types, how to enter fees against a matter type, and how to create fee codes.

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