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Whether you are new to Migration Manager or are looking to expand your use of the software to perhaps introduce the Portal and the web questionnaire into your immigration practice, we want to take a few moments to guide you on where to go should you have questions or need further assistance.

User Manual

Our User Manual is a wealth of knowledge, detailing the various steps for the process and functions in Migration Manager.  With a simple word search function, clear instructions complemented with screenshots of the software, the user manual should be your first port of call if you are struggling to work out how to carry out a process. The User Manual can be found via the Help menu in Migration Manager (as demonstrated in the screenshot below) or by going to .



Support Help Desk

Should you encounter an error, find that a process function isn’t performing as outlined in the user manual or have a question about Migration Manager, please reach out to our Help Desk for support. To contact our Support Help Desk, you can log a support call via the Help menu in Migration Manager (as demonstrated in the screenshot below) or go to: 

When contacting our Support team, it will greatly assist us if you can please capture or ‘print screen’ any errors if they appear, capture the screen view at the point where you are experiencing delays and provide as much information as possible about what process you were attempting in your request through the software or email to the Help Desk. This will assist our team in addressing your query as quickly as possible.


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