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Version 8 of Migration Manager includes a host of new Questionnaires and pre-configured Questionnaire templates.

After a number year of development the CIQ Questionnaires have been completely rewritten to capture new content in a way that is more effective and efficient than has previously been possible. The new Questionnaires cover a lot more of the content that you require to complete things like Form 80 or many of the eVisas and they include questions that relate to the changes to Section 501 that came in to effect at the end of last year.

When you look through the Questionnaire you will hopefully notice that there are a number of new features which make the new CIQ a lot smarter than the old version. In particular you should note that the CIQ bundles a lot of questions for all applicants together (like addresses) and that to assist with this the CIQ tracks the individual applicants and where possible will remember things like their passport numbers. That way adding new information about that individual can be as simple as selecting them from a dropdown list.

In addition, because this new CIQ has been completely rewritten, we have been able to structure it such that it can be preconfigured or changed in to a number of different types of Questionnaires that are more tailored to specific visa types. Using the CIQ button in Migration Manager you will now find that you can configure and send the following types of Questionnaires:

  • Initial Assessment – this Questionnaire is our short generic Questionnaire that aims to assist Agents to collect information from the migrant so a detailed assessment of that person’s situation can be performed. This version of the CIQ gives the migrant the ability to provide details about their situation and what they would like to do and it will adjust the questions shown accordingly to collect the relevant information.
  • Temporary – this CIQ is a generic Temporary Visa Questionnaire that is longer than the Initial Assessment Questionnaire but shorter than the full Questionnaire. It is designed to ask questions that you will find in most Temporary Visa applications. As the user goes through the Questionnaire, the CIQ can automatically refine itself to ask more specific questions that relate to certain visa classes should the situation require i.e. if it appears that the migrant wants to apply for a Student Visa the CIQ will configure itself accordingly even though the Agent didn’t pre-configure the Questionnaire for this specific situation
  • Temporary: Student – this version of the CIQ takes the standard Temporary CIQ and preconfigures it to show questions which are specific to Student Visa applications
  • Temporary: Work < 3months – this version of the CIQ takes the standard Temporary CIQ and preconfigures it to show questions which are more relevant to short term work visas such as the Subclass 400 visa (the wording will change soon to reflect DIBP policy that Subclass 400 visas can now be granted for longer than 3 months). Note that with this option that if the migrant indicates on the first details page that they do not have any family included then the CIQ will hide all questions relating to partners and children.
  • Temporary: Employer Sponsored > 3 months – this version of the Temporary CIQ is preconfigures to ask questions which are more relevant to temporary employer sponsored visas such as the Subclass 457 Visa.
  • Full Questionnaire – this CIQ is a generic full Questionnaire that should be used when collecting information for a permanent residence application. It is specifically designed to capture nearly all of the information which is required to complete a Form 80. As with the generic temporary CIQ, the Full CIQ is designed to ask questions that are relevant to most permanent residence visas but it can refine itself if the information inserted warrants it.
  • Full CIQ: Business Skills – this CIQ takes the generic Full Questionnaire and preconfigures it to show/answer questions which are relevant to a Business Skills visa application. This questionnaire configuration will specifically ask questions that relate to the migrant’s business history, assets as well as collect other information which is required in a Business Skills application;
  • Full CIQ: Partner – preconfigured to ask questions specifically relevant to partner visas. Note that this option will make visible the family sponsor questions.
  • Full CIQ: Employer Sponsored – this CIQ is preconfigured to ask questions that are relevant to employer sponsored permanent visas such as the ENS and RSMS. Note that this Questionnaire is designed to work in conjunction with the New Business Sponsor Questionnaires which collect information relevant to the nominations.

With these new Questionnaires you need to note a few things:

  • As with the previous versions of the all of these new Questionnaires are actually all one and the same, and any one of them can be changed in to another via the ‘Change Questionnaire’ option at the end of the CIQ. For instructions on how to change a Questionnaire from one type to another, please see the relevant section in the user manual (Click Here).
  • A key point to note with these new Questionnaires is that they are not compatible with the old Questionnaires. There is no way to transfer data from old CIQs into the new CIQs. You can also not transfer data out of Migration Manager in to the new CIQs.
  • With all of these Questionnaires there will be times when the Questionnaire does not ask the exact same questions that you will see in the visa application. The reason for this is that the CIQ is designed to work in conjunction with Migration Manager to collect sufficient information such that Migration Manager can analyse the date and calculate the appropriate responses when completing questions. The CIQs are not designed for the transferring of data directly into forms or eVisa as that data must first be imported into Migration Manager. For instructions on how to import a Questionnaire into Migration Manager please see the relevant section of the user manual (Click Here).
  • We are working on creating additional pre-configuration options. However it is important to stress that the use of the Questionnaires does not actually require pre-configuration for particular a visa class as the generic questionnaires are designed to deal with most types of visas. It is important to note however that there will be questions for certain visas that neither Migration Manager nor the CIQ can answer and over time we will be working to expand the software to reduce the number of questions that can’t be answered.
  • The CIQs have gone through a lot of testing and every effort has been made to ensure that there are no error or bugs and that the right questions are asked in the right situation. However, given that every person’s case is different and that you can answer the CIQ in a multitude of ways, we can’t test for every possibility. As such if you find a bug or a question that you don’t think fits, please do let us know so that we can make improvements.
  • A very important point to note is that with all of these Questionnaires you must keep in mind that they are tools designed to assist Agents in collecting information from their clients – they are not designed to replace Agents. As per the obligations set out in the Code of Conduct, it is incumbent upon all Agents and their staff that they ensure that they carefully check the information they have received from their clients no matter the medium in which it arrives. It is also important to remember that Migration Manager is only as good as the information put in to it. If you insert garbage, it will store garbage, and you will get garbage out the other side.

In finishing we want to thank all of those firms and users who beta tested the Questionnaires for us and provided valuable feedback. All of the users of Migration Manager have benefited from your involvement and we thank you for your assistance





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