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In Migration Manager Version 8 there is a new feature introduced called the Document Inbox.

What is its purpose?

The purpose of the Document Inbox will be to provide users with a centralised location where emails and documents which have been received will be displayed and can then be prioritised and attended to. Unlike a regular email inbox, the Document Inbox is designed to show the user items which have been received via multiple sources such as email, scanning, drag and drop, internal forwarding and when released, Portal.

Furthermore the Document Inbox can be used in such as way so to show items received by anyone in the firm, not just those items received by you in your email. When used correctly, the Document Inbox functionality can do away with the need for people to be forwarding emails to other people in the firm, and can help reduce the clutter in your Outlook inbox.

The Document Inbox also has a document triage system to help you prioritise the items you have received without having to go to an individual file to open it. This management system is based on modified versions of the Eisenhower Matrix and ABC Analysis time management techniques. The triage system also aims to help prevent users from forgetting to work on items they have received by doing away with the need to flag or mark emails as unread in Outlook.

When used effectively, the Document Inbox should help users better manage their workload and help avoid items, documents and emails from being forgotten.

How do items end up in the Document Inbox?

Once the Document Inbox system is turned on (see the User Manual for instructions how to turn this function on) an email/document will appear in a user’s Document Inbox as a result of one of the following actions:

  • The email or document has been captured via Email Capture and it is an inbound item (sent items will not show: this is an inbox) and the user has been set as responsible for that item*;
  • The item has been Dragged & Dropped via the documents tab of a matter into the Letters In, Attachments or Documents Received folder and the user has been set as responsible for that item*;
  • The item has been scanned into a matter and specifically set to be saved into the Letters In, Attachments or Documents Received folder and the user has been set as responsible for that item*;
  • The item has been assigned to them by another user (via the Document Inbox or the Documents tab in a matter) and the review date is set within the next 7 days;

*By default, the preferences for Document Inbox are set such that the user performing the action (i.e. email capture, scanning or drag & drop) will be the person given responsibility for that item, and thus it will appear in their Document Inbox. However, within preferences you can set the responsibility to also automatically be assigned to the RMA, Manager, Clerk of the file and/or the person who performs the action. The responsibility preference determines who will see the item in their Document Inbox.


To help you get an understanding of how you might use the Document Inbox, we have put together a short example video of the Document Inbox in action along with detailed written instructions (click to view). Please note that this video is hosted on Vimeo so some users might be unable to view it due to internet restrictions. If this happens, please contact the support team and we will provide you with another link. We recommend setting the view to full screen so that you can see everything in clear detail.

If that video has got your attention, then please head over to our detailed instruction page which sets out exactly how to perform all of these steps (click to view instructions)

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