New Feature: Email Capture Folder Prompt

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Email Capture Selection

As part of update Migration Manager has introduced the ability to choose which folders you want to capture emails from when you perform an email capture. If your user preferences are set to prompt you to choose a folder when you run an email capture, the first time you next run Email capture after the update you will be prompted to set the Inbox and Sent folders you wish to capture.  When this window appears you have the option to:

  • Select each folder every time you perform a capture. Use this option if you regularly capture emails from different email accounts; or
  • Set the default folders but still have the ability to choose each time you perform a capture. Use this option if you most capture emails from the same email address, but want the option to sometimes select another email address; or
  • Set the default folders and never be asked again. Choose this option if you only captures emails from the one email address.

For most users, they will just choose their default folders and tick the box never to be prompted again in the future. However for power users who have multiple email accounts and who like to capture emails from each of them, this new function makes the whole process a lot easier.

For full instructions on how to perform this process and select your email capture folders, please see the relevant section of the User Manual.

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