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One of the biggest feature enhancement requests of late from users of Migration Manager has been for the release of updated Questionnaires capable of handling the Form 80s (aren’t they a joy) and the ever changing eVisa questions on the Department’s immiAccount. Well I am pleased to announce that at my upcoming November training seminars to be held in Sydney and Melbourne I will not only be taking attendees through my standard training but I will also be demonstrating a whole heap of new features including a new Client Information Questionnaire and a new Business Sponsor Questionnaire.

After two years of design and development the Client Information Questionnaire has been re-written from the ground up to be more functional and more efficient in the way that it works and it is hoped that it will make a significant difference to the way you collect information from your clients. In addition, Migration Manager will also undergo a significant update to accommodate all of the new information that the Questionnaire will now capture. Following on from the new Questionnaire and new data storage functionality in Migration Manager, the Development team will be working on significantly improving the use of that data in existing Forms, eVisas, reports etc. You should see a stream of updates in the next few months as this new functionality is rolled out. It is intended that users should start to receive the first major update with the new Questionnaires at the end of November.

So if you are available, I strongly recommend that you come along to my seminars to learn about everything that is new and how it will help you work more efficiently and effectively as a Migration Professional.





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