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The Progress tracking system in Migration Manager has been completely overhauled in the latest Migration Manager release.

With the strong uptake in use of the Client Portal (currently averaging 18,000+ sessions a month) the feedback from Migration Manager users was that they wanted an improved way of interacting with the Portal via the Progress tab and a better way to create their own document and activity checklists. Based on that feedback we have made a number of significant changes.

A Better way to create your own Checklist Templates

The old system for creating a Progress List checklist was slow and not very user friendly. This update sees a complete overhaul of how you can go about creating your own checklists and workflows. In Migration Manager if you go to the Schedules menu and then click Progress Items > Configure Progress Items you will find a brand new window that should make it much easier to create and edit your Progress Lists. In the past the system was one giant grid of documents/tasks associated with different matters – in this update we have completely delinked the concept of Progress Lists from Matter types (though you can still have specific lists for your different type of matters) and each list has its own independent list of documents and activities to give you near complete freedom to create and customise your own lists. This change has also made it possible to:

  • Add instructions to a Document Request which can be uploaded to a Portal
  • Quickly Re-order or Edit a Progress List
  • Export a list in to a csv for sharing with other MM users (there are already users out there sharing their lists with other MM users)

More Detailed Progress Items

Previously the Progress tab in Migration Manager let you create a basic list of activities you planned to do and documents that you required for your matter. You were then able to upload those document requests or activities to the Portal. We have completely revamped the Progress tab to let you record a lot more information and more efficiently and effectively manage your file. The main change has been that we have added a side panel to each progress item which lets you do so much more than you previously could with a Progress item including the ability to:

  • Add multiple detailed comments like you can with file notes
  • See all of the individual documents your client has uploaded via the Portal. You can preview, edit and reject Portal documents from the Side-Panel. If you have ever wanted to quickly rename a bunch of documents, try the right click Rename Document to Default to quickly change all of the linked documents to have the same name as the Progress Item
  • Add instructions to each item which can be uploaded to the Portal. This lets you set instructions that will appear on the Portal next to each document request. We have also changed the way you reject documents received via the portal, to now use this new instructions tab – this change now allows you to record more information to help your client understand what they have done wrong
  • Control the visibility of the item on the Portal (you no longer need to open the Portal control window)
  • For Web Questionnaires, the Progress Side Panel will show you a detailed history of what has happened with the WCIQ and what its progress status is.

The new Side Panel also lets you set Due Dates that are auto calculated based on the commencement, due or completion dates of other Progress Items on a matter.

More Flexibility in how you use Progress Items

With the move to using side panels we have decreased the default number of the columns that were previously on the Progress tab. In particular the Comments column is no longer visible by default due to the much longer comments which can be added via the side panel. However, if you are someone who likes to be able to view the comments in the grid you can either expand the tab to full screen (which will also show other columns hidden by default) or you can adjust your user preferences by clicking on the Advanced button in the Progress tab and enabling the “Show All Columns when Minimised” option.

Other changes that we have made to the Progress tab include:

  • You can now use drag and drop to reorder
  • You can now set a Status for each Progress Item as well as assign multiple users to be responsible for a task. You can also create your own Status Items now
  • Under the More button on the Progress tab, we have added the ability to export a Progress List in to a new Progress List Template so that you can reuse lists that you have created on a matter
  • The Portal itself has been modified to allow users to upload additional documents that haven’t been specifically requested. This is done via an Add Item option that now appears on the bottom of the Portal
  • When sending a Portal Message or performing other Portal actions its now possible to also send an SMS notifying the client – this is in addition to the previous ability to send an email

Also don’t forget that if you right click the Progress tab grid you will be presented with multiple options which let you quickly work with individual and multiple progress items at the one time.

Some Useful Links

To help you get the most out of these changes, we have added the following instruction pages to the user manual:

If you have any other questions or need help using the Progress Items or the Portal, please contact our support team via the Help button in Migration Manager.

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