Are you receiving an Outlook warning when you run Email Capture?

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When you run Migration Manager’s Email Capture tool, you may encounter a pop up notification from Outlook asking for you to authorise Migration Manager’s temporary access to Outlook. The reason for this message is because Windows/Outlook is not finding a “valid” (or what it thinks is a valid) virus protection on this computer, so will show this message any time a program interacts with Outlook.

There are three ways of dealing with this pop up message:

  1. Continue to click ‘Allow’ each and every time (not recommended); or
  2. Install a valid and up to date anti virus program on this computer (highly recommended); or
  3. Turn off the notifications.

For reasons of data safety and security, we strongly recommend that you choose option two and install antivirus software on this computer. This option will both get rid of the constant pop up and will help protect your computer and its precious data from viruses, Trojans and other cyber nasties. For recommendations as to what antivirus software to install we suggest having a look at these antivirus software recommendations by PC Advisor , Toms Guide or Choice.

If you don’t want to install Antivirus Software, you can choose option 3 and just turn off the warning notifications. For instructions on how to turn off the notification, please see our step-by-step Instruction Page.




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