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The May update for the Portal and Web Questionnaire will be released soon.

An update to the Portal and Web Questionnaires will shortly be made live. This update includes a number of new features as well as a significant speed improvement for the Portal.

Important: After the Portal update is released, you will need to ensure that your version of Migration Manager is at least version (preferably or higher) in order to be able to continue to use the Portal and Web Questionnaires. The new fields and functionality being added to the Web Questionnaires are reliant on the new fields and functionality that were recently added to Migration Manager. If you use the Portal and Web Questionnaires it is important that you keep Migration Manager up to date to ensure compatibility between the two systems.

What is in the Portal Update

This update includes the following:

  • Document Portal
    • Significant speed improvements made to the loading of the Portal and the sections within the Portal
    • Added a tooltip for the Documents required icons
    • Modified the Cookies notice to be more prominent
    • Fixed an issue where uploading multiple documents show the details as a zip file instead of the individual documents
    • Modified the colour of the Open Questionnaire button to make it more prominent
    • Fixed an issue where the horizontal separator lines on a message window appeared larger than normal on some browsers
    • Modified the layout of the security and privacy notice
    • Other minor fixes and improvements
  • Webleads
    • Fixed an issue where the edit button was not appearing for previously added qualifications
  • Web Questionnaires
    • Partner Visa Questionnaire – Added pages for witnesses
    • Logo – Modified the firm logo on the WCIQ to match the Portal and improve the look of the logo on IOS mobile devices
    • Date fields – modified the way in which the WCIQ displays an issue with missing date information
    • Dependents tab – Modified the tab label to show the initials instead of the full name
    • Addresses Tab – Added a Yes/No question so that it is more obvious whether the page has been skipped or whether there is no answer
    • Family – Modified the wording of the child custody question
    • Future Travel – Added an option to copy previously entered travel plans
    • Passports – Add a dropdown option that lets the user select one of their names that they have previously added to the WCIQ
    • Travel History – Added a yes/no question for each person so that it is clearer whether data is meant to exist or whether the question has been skipped
    • Unicode – Improved the handling of unicode characters

Full details on what is included in this and previous Portal and Web Questionnaire updates can be found on our release notes: Release Notes – Portal


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