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Adobe PDF Wait

Are your clients having a problem opening the Client Information Questionnaire?

We have noticed recently that there has been increase in the number of Migration Manager users reporting that their clients are having issues opening the Client Information Questionnaires. We have looked in to this and the issues appear related to changes recently made by Google Chrome and Firefox with how they deal with opening PDFs received via online mail services such as Gmail or Hotmail. Google has now changed its default settings such that all PDFs which are downloaded through the browser will now be opened within the browser’s internal PDF viewer. Unfortunately this PDF viewer is quite weak and is unable to handle Dynamic PDFs (a quick search online shows up a large number of articles about this problem including some published by Adobe.). If someone tries to open the Questionnaire with the browser’s internal PDF view they will receive the ‘Please wait’ notice that never changes.

Thankfully the solution is quite simple:  you only need to tell your client to download the Questionnaire to their computer, then right click it and choose “Open With: Adobe Reader”. For Macs its very similar in that you Ctrl click and then choose to open with Adobe Reader. By doing this the Questionnaire will open using Adobe Reader.

To assist you communicate these instructions to your clients, Migration Manager has updated the default Client Information Questionnaire email instructions which you can be loaded in the preferences window. For instructions on how to change the Questionnaire emails please see the User Instruction Manual.

Additionally, adobe have also been very helpful and they have produced instructions online on how to do these simple steps:

Adobe PDF Instructions

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