Software Update (v7.0.1.7)

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Migration Manager has just released a new software update (v7.0.1.7) and this one contains some major usability enhancements that I think users will quite like.

The first major item is the ability to expand the scope of email capture to now automatically assign emails based on more than just the MM Matter ID (i.e. the FLEM0001 reference number). There are now options for email capture to also search for unique DIBP reference numbers, unique alternative references and unique email addresses. It is important to note the order in which the Email Capture process looks for references/email address is to first look for the MM Matter Number, than the DIBP references, than the alternative references, than the email address. If at any stage during that order it identifies the relevant file, it stops searching. It is also important to note the reference to ‘unique’ items – if the particular reference or email address appears on multiple files than the email capture process will ignore that reference and will instead proceed to look for other items. For instructions on how to set up email capture to look for these additional items please see the new section in the User Manual which can be found at:

The second big change is the addition of the ability to add documents/files to a matter by just dragging and dropping them on to the relevant Client’s Documents tab. No more having to save items to the client file in the M drive and then having to perform a reconcile. Just drag and drop and they will be saved to the file and the Documents tab updated automatically. Note that by default that the items will be saved to the Misc folder unless you change the folder dropdown in the bottom left hand corner of the Documents tab to specify which file you want the items saved in.

Leading on from the new Drag and Drop functionality, the other big item in this update is the simplification of the Questionnaire data import process. Previously importing the data required that you either extract and save the data file to the Matter (and then perform a reconcile) or to search for the data file from the import window. Now all you have to do is click ‘export data’ in the questionnaire and then once the email containing the xml file opens, just drag and drop the xml file onto the Client’s Documents tab and it will automatically save the xml file to the matter and load the data into the import window. All you have to do then is check that the data is correct and click process. This change should make things a lot quicker for many of you.

So lots of good userability enhancements in this update and I recommend you perform an update as soon as possible.

For full details of the change log for this update please see the Update History section of the user manual which can be found at:

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