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Migration Manager has released an update to the software (Version 8.1.4) . Before performing the update, please read this post carefully.

Before you run the Update

Normally we would start this post with a description of what is in the update and then remind you how to perform the update, but due to the nature of this update its important that before you run the update that you perform an important step: You must tick the option to Skip/Abort the DIBP forms download before you start the update.

 Forms Update

The reason you have to perform this step is that this software update is to address the changes the Department of Immigration have made to how you download forms from Legendcom. As a result of the Legendcom/ImmiAccount changes Migration Manager’s current Forms downloader can not download the forms until you have performed this update. If you don’t tick the box to skip the forms download as part of this update the program will try and download the forms using the old system and it will fail. It may also cause the entire update to fail.

Once you have run the update you can then perform a full Forms download and Migration Manager will then be able to use the new Legendcom/ImmiAccount setup (see below).

Troubleshooting: Oops, I didn’t read your informative post before performing the update: Thats ok, it happens. You will probably find that Migration Manager has attempted to try and download the forms and nothing is happening now. The update has in fact partially completed but due to the forms issue it will not be able to complete. This is what you need to do:

  1. Close Migration Manager. You should just be able to click the X in the top right hand corner and close it like any other program. If this doesn’t work you might need to use the Windows Task Manager to force the program to close.
  2. Reopen Migration Manager. Migration Manager will most likely advise you that an update has been performed on the network but that your version is not up to date.
  3. Network Update.2015-12-03_9-34-10
    Perform the Update (this time remembering to tick the Skip/Abort Forms Update Option)
  4. The Update should now successfully complete itself.

If these steps haven’t solved your update issues , please contact our Support Team by logging a support call.

Updating your Legendcom/ImmiAccount details

You will now need to go in to your Preferences (under the Tools menu option) and go to the DIBP tab to update the Legendcom login details with your ImmiAccount logon details.

Legendcom 2015-12-03_10-38-59


What is in the Update

This update is primarily aimed at updating Migration Manager to handle the new ImmiAccount/Legendcom setup. Some of the main items of interest include:

  • Forms – Once you have performed the update, you will be able to use Migration Manager to download forms from the new ImmiAccount/Legendcom. This download will work in both the Update Window and from within the Form Filler window. We recommend that you download new forms as soon as possible.
  • Accounts – We have added a new Invoice template that will show Client Funds available for transfer within the merged letter. We have added this so that if your client has funds available within their client account, the invoice will show how much money they owe taking in to account the client account balance. This should hopefully result in clients being less confused but enable you to still comply with your Section 313 and Code of Conduct obligations.
  • Questionnaires – we have now added the option to import a Questionnaire from within the Documents tab without having to actually open it. Just right click on the Questionnaire from within the Documents tab, choose ‘Import’ and Migration Manager will automatically extract the data and start the import process. Please note that this process does use our online servers to perform the data extraction and so you will need to have an internet connection to perform this process. All the data is sent securely and encrypted and we don’t keep any of the data on our servers after the process has completed. For full details on how we handle data please see our Privacy Policy. Note that you will still be able to import a Questionnaire the good old fashioned way if you still want to.
  • File Notes – This update includes a number of minor modifications to the behavior of the new file note system plus some additional preferences including:
    • Added a User Preference to enable file notes to open at double their current size by default if there is sufficient screen space;
    • Added a User Preference for file notes to open by default in the center of screen as opposed to docked;
    • Added a User preference to allow the restriction of the users ability to edit the cover notes;
    • Added a User preference to allow the user to double click a part of the cover note to commence editing that part of the note;
    • Added a User Preference to allow a user to have authority to delete an entire file note;
    • Added a Program Preference to reverse the order of the cover notes so that the most recent note is shown at the top of the notes;
    • Added a Program Preference to reverse the order of file notes to show the most recent note at the top of the file note preview window; and
    • Added an option to directly print a file note without having to first convert to a PDF.
  • Other –  this update includes a number of other modifications and fixes including:
    • Accounts – When you perform a search it now shows a full description of the transaction as opposed to the address of the person involved;
    • Emails – Fixed an issue which was preventing emails from showing signatures when sending attachments;
    • Document Inbox – Provide an option to sort emails and documents by Client or Date;
    • Home Page – Added tool tips to the milestone list to show items that are longer than the available text space;
    • File Notes – Fixed a bug which prevented the emailing of file notes in certain circumstances;
    • Misc – A Program Preference has been added to allow errors and bug reports to be sent directly to the development team. If you don’t want to allow this you can switch it off in preferences under the Misc tab;
    • Questionnaires – Fixed an issue that resulted in some details about a Sponsor’s child’s country of residence not being imported;
    • Questionnaires – Added a Program Preference to allow the import of a Questionnaire from within the Documents tab or via drag and drop without having to open the Questionnaire. Note that this process requires an internet connection as the extraction of the data is undertaken on our Servers based in Australia. All data that is transmitted is encrypted and not retained by us;
    • Questionnaires – Added a Program Preference to allow the merging of existing client data in to a standard full Questionnaire. Note that this process requires an internet connection as the processing and merging of the data is undertaken on our Servers based in Australia. All data that is transmitted is encrypted and not retained by us;
    • Sponsors – Fixed an issue in the Sponsorships/Nominations grid which did not update the number of available positions for Labour Agreement sponsorships;
    • Other minor bug fixes.

As always, if you have any questions or issues please contact our support team.



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