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Update Blue and White Speech

Migration Manager has released a minor update to the software (Version 8.1.5) as a follow up to the major update (version 8.1.4) released on Thursday the 3rd of November. 

Version 8.1.5

The version 8.1.5 update has been released to address an issue some users were still experiencing with being unable to download forms from the new ImmiAccount/Legendcom. This update should fix this issue for most users. We are aware that the Department is still making modifications to their systems and we will be monitoring those and we will make changes to our systems accordingly. If after you have completed this update you are still having issues please let our Support Team know.

Version 8.1.4

If you haven’t yet downloaded and installed version 8.1.4, please make sure that you read our Post on this update before you perform the update.

As always, if you have any questions or issues please contact our support team.



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