The new File Notes User Options

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In version 8.2 of Migration Manager, we have made it easier for you to quickly access and change a number of user preferences from within different screens. For example, you will now be able to modify how your File Note’s behave via either the User Preferences panel in the Administrative tools, or via the options button on the File Note window.

The new File Note User Preferences are accessed from within the File Note window by clicking the Options button on the upper right hand side of an open File Note window. The aim of this feature is to give the user quick access to the preferences which affect how the File Notes window behaves for them. The Options window will enable the user to modify the following File Note preferences specific to this user:

1. Covernote Edit Mode

The “Double clicking a cover note opens in edit mode” option allows you to modify how the Covernote of a file can be edited. If the option is not ticked, if there is already a comment on the Covernote, you will only be able to edit it by first clicking Open File Note and then right clicking the particular comment you wish to edit. If this option is ticked, then you can double click that comment on the Covernote and the Filenote window will open in edit mode for that comment.

2. Default Size

The “Expand file note window to available space on opening” option allows you to change the default opening size of the File Note window. If this option is not ticked, the File Note window will always open by default in its smallest size. If the option is ticked, then the File Note window will open at its largest size, provided there is sufficient screen space to do so i.e. if you have a small monitor with low resolution the File Note will not be able to open to its maximum size.

3. Centre Docking

The “Open file note window centre screen (instead of docking)” sets the default open location of the File Note window. If this option is unticked, the File Note window will open by default docked to the left hand side of the Active Client window. If this option is ticked, the File Note window will open by default in the middle of your screen.

4. Covernote View

The “Show only the most recent cover page summary note” allows you to modify what content is shown on the Covernote. If this option is unticked, the Covernote will show you all comments which have been added to the Covernote. If this option is ticked, the Covernote will only show you the most recent entry made to the Covernote – note that all of the other comments are still saved and can be accessed by opening up the File Note, its just with this setting you will only see the most recent comment displayed on the matter Cover Page.


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