Important: Read ALL of the Instructions – there is important information all the way through (including the Activation Code)

1. Download the Installer

Click this link to download the installer: Download Link 

2. Run the Installer

Once the installer has finished downloading, double click to start the installation. Note that if you are using Google Chrome, you should see the downloaded file in the bottom right hand corner of your browser.

3. Accept the Terms and Conditions

Once the installer opens you need to accept the Terms and Conditions before the installation can commence. Once you have accepted, click Next to proceed.

4. Make sure your computer meets the system requirements

The installer will now check to see if your system meets the minimum system requirements. If your system does not meet the necessary requirements you will need to install the missing software before you can proceed. If there are no issues, click Next to proceed.

5. Select the location where you want to install Migration Manager Training Version

It is generally recommended that you use the default location. Click Install when you are ready to proceed.

6. Allow the UAC prompt

If the User Account Control window appears, click Yes to allow the installation to proceed.

7. The installation will now take place

8. Installation Complete

If the installation has been successful, you will see the Installation Complete page. Click Close to finish the installation and open Migration Manager Training Version

9. Software Activation

When the Migration Manager Training Version opens for the first time you will need to activate the software. You need to insert the Training Version Activation Code which is: 57506567-66514969 .Then click Activate.

10. Accept the End User Agreement

To finalise the Activation you need to agree to the End User Agreement.

11. Migration Manager has now been installed and activated on this computer

12. Login to Migration Manager

To login in to the Migration Manager training version, use the following details:

  • User: Jo Training
  • Password (all lowercase): training

13. You are now using Migration Manager’s Training Version

You are now using Migration Manager’s Training Version. Before you go any further, to help you gain the most out of your training it is recommended that review our What to Do First quickstart guide.

Important things to Note

The Migration Manager Training Version software is the same as the currently publicly released version of Migration Manager. However it is important to note the following:

  • The Training Version is not to be used for Commercial purposes. You should not record real files in the Training Version.
  • The Training Version has a limit of 5 files and already comes preloaded with 2 files containing information which will be used in your training.
  • The Training Version version will include some basic document templates and a couple of forms so that you can practice various procedures during the training. If you want to download more Forms you will need your own Legendcom password details.
  • If you want to use the eVisa system, you will need your own ImmiAccount logon details.
  • Documents, letters and questoinnaires generated in the Training version will be marked as ‘Demo’.
  • The Training Version will generally not include Beta or unreleased features – even though these features may be demonstrated during a seminar.
  • The Training Version activation will expire after 6 months.

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