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Migration Manager has received its Trust Accounting certification from the NSW Law Society.

With the ever increasing number of lawyers using Migration Manager as part of their Migration practice, one of the most common requests we have received from our users is for the product to apply for Trust Accounting software certification from the NSW Law Society.

The current regulations in NSW (and many other jurisdictions) do not mandate that Trust Accounting Software must be approved/certified by the Law Society before it can be used by a law firm, only that the software must be compliant with the relevant regulations. Previously it was mandatory in NSW that accounting software must be certified in order to be used for Trust Accounting purposes, but that changed with the Legal Profession Uniform Law 2014 and Legal Profession Uniform General Rules 2015. To assist lawyers to determine if a software product is compliant with the regulations, the Law Society of New South Wales offers a certification service where the Trust Accounts Department, at the request (and expense) of the software supplier, carefully examines software packages to ensure compliance with the Legal Profession Uniform Law (NSW) and the Legal Profession Uniform General Rules 2015 (the Uniform Law). 

We are very pleased to announce that Migration Manager has successfully completed the examination and has been certified as fully complying with the relevant regulations. For everyone who has already been using Migration Manager’s Trust Accounting features, you will be pleased to know that we passed the examination with flying colours on the first attempt. But we won’t be sitting still on the Accounts development front as we will be continuing to add new features, reports and other improvements in the upcoming updates. As always please send us details of any features you would like us to consider adding.

Details of our certification can be found on the NSW Law Society Website


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