Migration Manager Software Update for Beta Testers

An update for Beta testers of Migration Manager has just been released (v8.3.9)

A big shout out and thank you to all of our Beta Testers who have provided good, constructive feedback arising from their testing of our most recent update. The information these testers have provided has helped us refine features, fix issues, solve problems and ultimately push Migration Manager forward for the benefit of everyone who uses the program. And a particular big thank you to those Beta Testers who worked closely with our support and development teams to problem solve issues particular to their type of set-ups. As you would be aware, there are a multitude of variations to the way people set-up and run their computer systems, which makes it very difficult for the development and release teams to program and test for all possible permutations, and as such, their testing, feedback and patience as our teams work through the issues you have identified is greatly appreciated. This update should address a number of the issues raised during that testing.

For our non-Beta Testers, all going well, we aim to release this update to everyone in the near future, but as always, if the Beta Testing picks up a major issue, we may need to do another round of Beta testing to address those issues before the general release.

Further Beta Feedback

We encourage all of our Beta Testers to run this update as soon as possible and let us know your constructive feedback via our new BETA Tester Feedback function.

What is in the Update: Change Log – Version 8.3.79

  • Accounts
    • Fixed an issue in the training version where Accounts reports were not generating for some users.
  • Client Detail & Documents
    • Modified the behaviour of linking/nominating 407 matters in a business sponsor. It is now listed as a nomination and not a link.
    • Fixed an issue where changing the marital status of a spouse within the relations tab was not always saving.
  • Documents
    • Major speed improvements made to new documents tab to increase loading speed for mattes with thousands of documents.
      • Added a user preference to set the documents tab to default to either flat or tree view. For instructions on how to set this see: Documents Tab User Preferences
    • Significant speed increase made to the Email To window when opened from the Documents tab.
    • Added a keyboard shortcut for Search. Clicking Ctrl + F will now take you straight to the search window and set focus on the search field so that you can just start typing. This is the same user behaviour as you find in Word, Chrome etc.
    • The column width has been decreased so more columns are visible when opened in non maximised view.
    • Clicking CIQ no refreshes Documents tab
    • Fixed a bug where clicking the scroll arrow opened the first document.
    • Fixed a bug that resulted in thumbs.db files showing for some users.
    • Fixed a bug where temporary files were visible for some users when merging documents.
    • Fixed a bug affecting the drag and drop of files on to the documents tab right hand panel.
    • Fixed a bug which required the double clicking of the Tree/Flat view button to change views.
    • Fixed a bug affecting the Clear Search button.
  • Emails
    • You can now type an email address directly in to the Email To window (just remember to have the ; symbol at the end for it to commit).
    • Modifed the Email To window to now close when you click ‘Create Email’.
    • Clicking Email To no longer refreshes the Documents tab (should increase speed significantly)
    • Fixed an issue where the business sponsor’s email address was not showing when opening the Email To window in a Sponsor file.
    • Fixed an issue which resulted in the new Email window opening slowly if the documents tab contained thousands of documents.
  • Preferences
    • Added a user preference to set the default view of the Documents tab as either Flat or Tree view.
  • Other


A list of previous updates and what they included can be found here: Release Update History

How to Perform the Update

When you are ready to perform the update, you should login as the Administrator and then click on the Help menu and then click Online Update. For full instructions on how to perform the update, please see: How to Perform an Update.


When the update window opens click the ‘Start’ button and then follow any prompts. We do recommend that you do a full update and download the latest DIBP forms from Legendcom/immiAccount as DIBP has recently released a number of essential changes – this update includes new mappings for a number of these updated forms.

One final point, if you have any problems performing the update please don’t hesitate to contact Migration Manager’s support team who are there to help you. You can log a support call through the Help button in Migration Manager or you can click the Support link in the menu bar at the top of this webpage.


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