About the Migration Manager Software Update (Part 2)

 In Update

A major software update is being rolled out to all users.

This update builds upon the very large 8.7.6 update of Migration Manager that was released in October to Beta users and that we commenced rolling out to other users during November. The roll out of everything in 8.7.6 is included in 8.7.7 for everyone who has not yet completed the earlier update. Beta users will be upgrading from 8.7.6 to 8.7.7 whereas the majority of users will be getting the combined update (and thus should also read our Part 1 articles – please see this article: About the Migration Manager Update – Part 1

(News Update – 17 December – A minor software update has been released (version 8.7.8) that fixes some issues some users had after the major update. For full details see the release notes:  8.7.8 Release Notes )

Also don’t forget our upcoming training seminars in Sydney and Melbourne where you can learn more about everything that we have recently released. See: Melbourne and Sydney January Seminar announced We will also shortly announce details of seminars in other cities as well as a round of webinars.

The 8.7.7 update includes the following main items:

Web Questionnaire Progress Checks

The ongoing roll out Web Questionnaires has been very successful and we have recently added additional Questionnaire types including the 482, 485 and 189/190 Questionnaires. We will continue to add more Questionnaires throughout December and January (the family/partner questionnaires are scheduled for January/February). Thank you to everyone who has provided their feedback so far – the information you have provided has been very useful.

In this update we have added the ability for you to get greater insight in to how your clients are progressing with their questionnaires via:

Protected Money and Transit Money

This update sees additional features being added to our Accounts system. You now have the ability to lock away/protect some or all of the Trust/Clients funds on a matter so that you don’t use funds that are intended for one purpose for something else i.e. using the VAC funds to pay professional fees. For details on how to use the new Protected Funds feature see:

A Transit Money option has also been added for our Trust Account users and can found under the More button in the Trust/Client Account tab.

Enhancements to Document Search

The Document Search window on the Open screen has proven popular but it struggled a little when showing 1000s of documents. So we’ve revisited the underlying code to speed it up. You should now find it handles the searching of a large number of documents quicker than before.

Full details on everything else in the update – Version 8.7.7 includes the following (again note that if you haven’t previously updated to 8.7.6 your update will include a lot more items – see Update 8.7.6 ). 

  • Accounts
    • Accounts Preferences – Added a user permission to allow the user to overdraw an account. Note that trying to overdraw an account will trigger a warning.
    • Bank Reconciliation – Fixed an issue where when performing the very first reconciliation it was not possible to un-tick a list of any of the exclusions
    • Bank Reconciliation – the amount columns have been made wider to handle larger figures
    • Bank Reconciliation – on the transactions tab, fixed an issue that resulted in bank deposits showing a list of all receipts on any bank deposit in the description instead of just a list of receipts for that bank deposit
    • Cost Codes – Fixed an issue where if a tax code was not added to the payment surcharges code it gave an error when attempting to add a surcharge to a receipt
    • Deposit Request – Fixed an error received if you attempted to record a non numerical entry in the amount column. You now receive a warning.
    • Export to Xero – Fixed an error message received if you attempted to open the Export to Xero window and there was a transaction with a very very long description.
    • Export to Xero – Fixed an error received if you attempted to change the search date range
    • Invoice – Fixed an error received when trying to add a time entry to an existing draft invoice
    • Invoice Credits – Fixed an error received when trying to apply a credit line to a multiline invoice
    • Invoice Merge – Modified the behaviour of the invoice merge to give a warning if a template has been modified to remove one of the essential @@ fields.
    • Invoice Numbering – Fixed an issue where invoice numbers reverted to default numbers in limited circumstances after an update.
    • Invoices: Added a warning message if the proposed invoice number is lower than a previously used invoice number
    • New Fee – Fixed an error received if you clicked the ‘…’ button for Fee Type on a matter which had a stream set.
    • Other – Fixed an error that arose if you attempted to delete a matter which had a deposit request recorded on it.
    • Protected Funds – Added the ability to place a lock on all or part of the Trust/Client funds within a matter. Protected funds will prevent these protected funds from being used for payments or transfer until they are released by an authorised user.
    • Trust/Client Receipts – Add an option to protect all or part of the funds being deposited. Ticking this option will then open the Protect Funds window
    • Permissions – Added a user permission to control the release of Protected Funds
    • Reports – Added a details and summary report for Protected Funds
    • Reconciliation – Fixed an error message received if you attempted to import the same CSV bank statement twice.
    • Reports – Add permissions for Transit Funds and Protected Funds reports
    • Reports – Added a date filter to the Deposit Requests Report
    • Reports – Modified the Overdrawn Report to exclude Statutory Deposit Accounts
    • Search – Fixed an error message received when searching on client account transactions using the Amount From field
    • Search – Fixed an error received when grouping by date and then clicking search again.
    • Timesheet – Fixed an error received by some users when starting the timer if a Fee Code had not been set.
    • Transit Funds – Added the ability to record a Transit Funds entry against a matter. The option to record these activities is found under the More button
    • Reports – Added a detail and summary report for Transit funds
  • Client Detail
    • Fixed an error that was received if you attempted to open a matter and did not have an internet connection (Local DB).
    • Fixed an error received when changing the marital status of an applicant
    • Nominations tab – Added new fields to Market Testing to handle recent LMT changes on immi forms
    • Sponsor Owners Tab – Fixed an issue where the date of birth was showing as 01/01/1900 if it was left blank
  • Documents and Templates
    • Documents Tab – Fixed an issue with RTF files not showing a Word icon
    • Merge – Fixed an issue where marco enabled templates (.docm) files would not merge. Note that if you merge a .docm file the letterhead can not be automatically added at the time of merge to this item.
    • Merge: Added a merge field for Matter Description
    • Template Creation – Fixed an issue where after adding a merge field the cursor focus did not return to the word document.
    • Template Downloads – Fixed a rare error received when trying to download the latest templates.
  • Emails
    • Email Capture – Added an option in manual email capture to exclude items which have already been captured by this user
    • Email Capture – Added a potential duplicate indicator to unmatched emails to show that an email with the same date and time may have already be captured, matched and saved to a file.
    • Email Capture – Added an option to user email capture settings to disable the Outlook Security message by enabling redemption. Note that this only works for users of 32bit Outlook.
    • Email Capture – Fixed an issue where the Outlook security pop up was causing issues with email capture not including emails that arrived whilst the security prompt was visible. All users will now find that email capture is set to capture up to a time approximately 90 seconds prior to the start of the capture.
    • Email Preview – Fixed an issue where users who had 64bit outlook could not preview an email.
  • File Notes
    • Fixed an error received if you tried to send a file note by email and then selected another file note before the email had been generated.
    • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to use your mouse to scroll through a file note.
  • Forms and eLodge
    • Form Filler – Added an option to disable/enable the preview screen. This addresses an error received by some users after updating Adobe Reader.
    • eLodge fixes – This update also coincides with a number of elodge updates including to 482 Nominations
  • PDF Questionnaires
    • BSQ Import – Fixed an issue where if there were two positions with the same job title it created a duplicate of the salary, locations, business relationship and advertising data in each record
  • Portal and Progress Items
    • Portal – Fixed an error message that occurred when adding someone to the Portal and no details had been set about whether to use the Office or RMA details
    • Portal – The Portal History report now shows details of which MM user performed which interaction using which computer.
    • Portal Messaging – Fixed an error message received when sending a portal message and the Portal window was closed before sending was completed.
  • Preferences
    • Modified the behaviour of the system if you try to change a user permission whilst another person attempts to delete that user. Instead of an error you now receive a warning message.
  • Reports
    • Export to Excel – Fixed an issue where alternative reference numbers with long decimals were rounded up. Alternative reference fields should now export as Text Fields.
    • Reports – Added reports for Protected Funds and Transit Funds. Updated other reports to include this information
    • Reports – Added a WCIQ Status report that provides details on when clients have started, accessed and completed a WCIQ
  • Snapshot and Document Inbox
    • Document Inbox – Add a right click menu option to change the status of selected item(s)
    • Document Inbox – Added the ability to a make a bulk change to selected items when  removing them from the inbox.
    • Document Inbox – Fixed an issue where the right click change status option did not work for file notes
  • Web Questionnaires
    • Fixed an error received when trying to send a Questionnaire if the portal logo was too large
    • Added the ability to check the progress of a questionnaire completion by allowing you to download and preview the current state of the answers. To preview the progress open the outbound WCIQ message and then click on More > Check Progress
    • Added a Progress Report option under the WCIQ main menu
  • Webleads
    • Web Lead Import – Fixed an issue where very long names caused an error when importing a weblead
  • Other
    • Documents Search – Significantly increased the speed of the Documents Search tab for users with large numbers of documents
    • Open Window – Modified the column order so that matter type is on the first page. Also un-ticked default visibility for Trading Name, Sponsor Type and Preferred Name.
    • Fixed an issue where a corrupted long date time caused errors when opening certain windows in Migration Manager.
    • Fixed an issue where Migration Manager might take a very long time to get past the load screen for users with slow internet.
    • Log a Support Request – Fixed an issue where users with 150% scaling could not see all of the support request window.
    • New Matter – Fixed an issue where duplicating a file which contained a self created reference number could create an error in specific circumstances.
    • Open Window – Fixed an issue where the Enter key no longer opened a matter
    • Progress Tab – Fixed an issue where clicking refresh in the progress tab occasionally gave an error message.
    • Proxy settings – Added a tool to check accessibility of required sites.
    • Other minor fixes and improvements

A list of previous updates and what they included can be found here: Release Update History

How to Perform the Update

When you are ready to perform the update, you should login as the Administrator and then click on the Help menu and then click Online Update. For full instructions on how to perform the update, please see: How to Perform an Update.

When the update window opens click the ‘Start’ button and then follow any prompts. We do recommend that you do a full update and download the latest DIBP forms from Legendcom/immiAccount as DIBP has recently released a number of Form changes

One final point, if you have any problems performing the update please don’t hesitate to contact Migration Manager’s support team who are there to help you. You can log a support call through the Help button in Migration Manager or you can click the Support link in the menu bar at the top of this webpage.

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