Migration Manager Software and Questionnaire Update

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A Software and Web Questionnaire update is being rolled out.

Migration Manager version is currently being rolled out to users. This update sees the addition of a number of new features including Partner Visa and ENS/RSMS Visa Web Questionnaires, along with a number of other new features, bug fixes and performance improvements. Some of the key changes that arrive in this update are:

New Web Questionnaires

We are continuing the develop and add new Web Questionnaires. This update sees the roll out of Web Questionnaires for Partner Visas and ENS/RSMS visas. For details on how to use Web Questionnaires please see our help articles: How to use the Web Questionnaires

Accounts Changes

The Accounts part of Migration Manager sees a number of changes in this update including:

  • You can now quickly convert a Deposit Request in to a Client/Trust Receipt with the click of a button
  • On the Matter Fees schedule it is now possible to set a professional fee tax rate on a per matter basis
  • In the Accounts preferences, you now have the ability to create new surcharge types beyond the traditional credit card option and you can set each surcharge to have both a fixed and a percentage component.
  • Trust Statements Reports – Significant changes have been made to the way in which the Trust Statements Reports are run to give the user the ability to generate individual reports per client and then have the ability to save, email or send by portal to the client. This should be particularly useful for the end of financial year mail out of Trust Statements to client.


We have added two new options to elodge system including the subclass 188 Business Innovation and Investment visa and VETASSESS Trade Occupations.


For the Portal activation and notification emails, the Preferences have now been changed to allow you to edit the template emails in html format as well as set default attachments to automatically be included with any of these emails that are generated from Migration Manager.


Migration Manager can now be used to send an SMS to your client using the Email2SMS protocol. For instructions on how to set this up and send an SMS, please see our instructions on Using SMS


When you conduct a VEVO search on a matter, you can now save the visa results to a person’s Visas tab.

News Update – Version has been released to Beta users

This update is for Beta users (and will be cominbed with for general release) and contains the following fixes:

  • Accounts
    • Deposit Requests – Fixed an error received if editing a fixed surcharge value
  • Client Detail
    • Family Sponsor tab – Fixed an error message received when changing the family sponsor’s marital status
    • Fixed an issue where trying to change the primary applicant gave an error.
    • Visa Decisions – Fixed an issue on the record a decision screen that resulted in an error if you ticked to set a progress item at the same time as recording the decision.
  • Documents and Templates
    • Letter Merge – Remove merge field for pre-2011 points
  • Emails
    • Email Capture – Fixed an issue where user defined webleads where not being matched to LEAD
  • Forms and eLodge
    • Forms –  Modifed the merging of the Form 888 to allow you to merge for different witnesses. To do this, you will need to set a person as a witness on the relations tab, or on the merge window tick the box “Show all persons on file” to enable you to select anyone.
  • Portal
    • Portal Email – Fixed an error received by some users when trying to generate a portal notification email with an attachment
  • Other
    • Scanning – Fixed an error received when trying to perform a scan using Migration Manager
    • Schedules – Added the Subclass 870 Visa to the matters and matters fees schedules

The Full List of what is included in the Update 

This update contains the following features and bug fixes:

  • Accounts
    • Accounts Documents – Fixed an issue where accounts documents were merging and showing a file location in the footer contrary to a merge setting to exclude the file location.
    • BAS Report (Cash) – added a separate line for handling refunds of credits held on the operating account
    • Deposit Request – Modify the deposit request to allow the entering of negative numbers for use as a discount.
    • Deposit Requests – A due date field has been added to the Deposit Request.
    • Deposit Requests – Add a Qty column to the deposit request template
    • Deposit Requests – Added a button onto the deposit request window that allows the user the ability to convert a deposit request into a receipt. The receipt will be populated with the information from the deposit request.
    • Export to Xero – relabel the status “Hold” to now read as “Excluded”.
    • Invoice – Fixed a resizing issue
    • Invoices – Fixed an issue where deleting a client leaves the default billable person set
    • Preferences – Added the ability to add additional dept payment and surcharge options
    • Preferences – Added an option to set the default Deposit Request Due Date
    • Preferences – Payments Options – Added the ability to add additional payment options and surcharges
    • Preferences – Surcharges can now include both a fixed $ amount and a percentage
    • Protected Funds – Fixed an issue where protected funds didn’t allow cents.
    • Reports – For user defined reports added additional report fields for  UnInvoicedFees, UninvoicedCostsAndDisb, UnInvoicedTotal, DraftInvoicedTotal, InvoicedTotal, TotalUnpaid and CreditBalance
    • Schedules – Matter Fees. Added the ability to set the default tax status of the blocks of fees on a per matter basis.
  • Client Detail
    • Applicant Particulars tab – standardised the options for separated marital status in to one option.
    • Character – Added a date field for each of the character options.
    • Client Detail – Changing a family sponsor no longer requires an administrator password. A user permission now exists to enable this functionality.
    • Client Detail – Email icons updated
    • Client Detail – Fixed an issue where setting a restriction of a user to only files for their own office resulted in no details showing on the matter.
    • Matter Types – Added Pacific Labour Scheme as a stream to the 403 matter type
    • Nomination Changes – No longer require an Administrator password. A user permission now exists to control this functionality.
    • Progress Items – Fixed an issue where ticking My Tasks only in the tab created an error
    • Proposed Travel Tab – Fixed an issue where adding a new row would copy some of the data from the row above.
    • Relations – Added an option of ‘Other’ for relationship ceased dropdown options.
    • Relations Tab – Added a tab and questions for recording details about the relationship such as financial aspects, nature of the household etc.
    • Relations Tab – Added export to Excel and export to text file options to the new relationship details tab.
    • Relations Tab – Added fields for “Are you and your Spouse/Partner related by blood, marriage or adoption?”, “Details” and “Celebrant Officiant name”
    • Relations tab – Fixed an error received when rapidly changing rows.
    • Relations Tab – Fixed an issue where the relationship sub type could differ to the marital relationship
    • Sponsorship Changes – An administrator password is no longer required to change family and business sponsorships. A user permission has been added in preferences that controls this functionality. When attempting to change a sponsor the user will now receive a notification advising them to check their user permissions if they don’t have permission to perform the change.
    • Visits to Australia – A legal status field has been added.
  • Documents and Templates
    • Documents Tab – Added a right click menu option that gives the ability to reject a portal document from the Documents tab
    • Documents Tab – Fixed an error received if the file name of a document contained more than 200 characters
    • Documents Tab – Fixed an issue where document reconcile was not detecting certain documents.
    • Letter Merge – Added additional error reporting for those who get an Active X error.
    • Letter Merge – Fixed an issue where old versions of templates appeared in a keywords search.
  • Emails
    • Email To – If an Email to SMS gateway has been set, mobile phone numbers will appear in the Email To window with the Email to SMS gateway appended
    • Preferences – Added an Email tab in Preferences where you can set an Email to SMS gateway
  • Forms and Elodge
    • eLodge – 188 Visa Application is now available for use with eLodge
    • eLodge – VETASSESS Trade Occupations is now available for use with eLodge
    • Form Filling – Fixed an issue where nomination date details where filling 1/1/1900 if the date field was blank.
    • VEVO Search – After you have completed a VEVO search from within a matter, it will present you with an option to save the visa details to the applicants visas tab
    • VEVO Search – Fixed an issue where the cancel button did not abort a VEVO search
  • PDF Questionnaires
    • CIQ Import – Change the error message received if a PDF Questionnaire has been edited and corrupted by a non-approved pdf reader
  • Portal and Progress Items
    • Messaging – Fixed an issue where opening a merged PDF Form which had been sent in a message gave an error.
    • Portal – Portal downloads have been modified to only occur for non-administrator users.
    • Portal History – the Portal History report now shows a record of the uploading of a merged questionnaire.
    • Portal Message – cosmetic changes to the message window
    • Portal Preferences – the default number of days for deletion from the server of documents uploaded by a client has been increased from 1 to 7.
    • Progress Tab – Fixed an issue where deleting a progress item linked to a WCIQ gave an unhandled exception
  • Preferences
    • Portal Preferences – The Portal Emails and Portal Emails 2 tabs have now been separated into two separate tabs each and all of the emails have been converted to HTML format.
    • Portal Preferences – New default options have been added for Portal emails to cater for the change to HTML format.
    • Portal Preferences – It is now possible to set default attachments for Portal emails that will be attached when generating a Portal related email in Migration Manager.
    • Report Permissions – A filter dropdown and search field have been added to assist in the finding of particular permissions.
    • Schedules – Custom merge fields for templates has been moved from preferences to a Schedule option.
    • User Permissions – A filter dropdown and search field have been added to assist in the finding of particular permissions.
    • User Preferences – A filter dropdown and search field have been added to assist in the finding of particular preferences.
    • User Preferences – Added a filter and search box to the User Preferences tab.
  • Reports
    • Systems Report – Added a VEVO History Report
    • Reports – A ‘Created By’ report field has been added under the RMA section
    • Reports – Exporting a report to Excel will now save by default as an xlsx format
    • Reports – the SkillSelectLastUpdated has been removed from reports as it is no longer used.
    • Trust Statements Reports – Significant changes have been made to the way in which the Trust Statements Reports are run to give the user the ability to generate individual reports per client and then have the ability to save, email or send by portal to the client.
  • Snapshot and Tasks
    • Document Inbox User Options – Added a reminder that changes to user options won’t take effect until Task Inbox has been closed and re-opened.
    • Inbox – Expanding the screen size will now result in the subject lines for emails and documents also expanding.
    • Inbox – Fixed an error that was received if all items were removed from the Inbox
    • Progress Inbox – Modified the grid to give additional functionality to work with attached documents such as portal options.
    • Snapshot – Fixed an issue where the tool tip for expiries was not showing the number of required departure dates included in the total
    • Snapshot – Using the Team option on snapshot now lets you view the document inbox of all users.
  • Web Questionnaires
    • WCIQ – Added an option to select a Partner Visa Questionnaire
    • WCIQ – Added an option to select an ENS/RSMS Visa Questionnaire
    • WCIQ – Added a demo option for Partner Visa WCIQ
    • WCIQ Export – Modified the behaviour of the export to allow the changing of tabs in the matter whilst the export window is open
    • WCIQ Import – Added a tick box option on the import form to perform a backup at the time of import.
  • Webleads
    • Webleads – Added the ability to select or create a new family sponsor at the time of import
    • Webleads – Fixed an error where processing a large number of webleads was resulting in an out of memory exception
  • Other
    • Document Search – the grid now expands if the window is expanded.
    • Log a Support Call – Added a check for a valid email address to ensure that support requests are logged correctly
    • Log a Support Call – Fixed an issue where trying to log a support call would timeout
    • Other – The settings XML has now been converted to a DLL.
    • Other minor fixes and improvements

A list of previous updates and what they included can be found here: Release Update History


How to Perform the Update

When you are ready to perform the update, you should login as the Administrator and then click on the Help menu and then click Online Update. For full instructions on how to perform the update, please see: How to Perform an Update.


When the update window opens click the ‘Start’ button and then follow any prompts. We do recommend that you do a full update and download the latest DIBP forms from Legendcom/immiAccount as the Department may have recently released a number of Form changes

One final point, if you have any problems performing the update please don’t hesitate to contact Migration Manager’s support team who are there to help you. You can log a support call through the Help button in Migration Manager or you can click the Support link in the menu bar at the top of this webpage.


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