Program Update – July 2020

 In Update

A software update is being released to MM users.

This update contains fixes and improvements. Some of the key parts of this update include:

  • The ability to import visa details directly from a Batch VEVO search (previously you could only do this from a single VEVO search)
  • When receiving a document via the Portal, it now saves the original file name as a tag/keyword so that when a client uploads multiple documents under the same document request/progress item you can see what they were originally called (you can then use the rename/edit document details function to change the name on the downloaded document)
  • Minor modifications to improve the speed of the Online Meeting tool appointment generator released in June (see our previous blog post on this topic)

Also note that an update has being published to the Templates with the addition of templates for the Subclass 132 Visa. See MM Templates Update – Release of Subclass 132 Templates 

Note: Letterhead Issue when Merging

Recently Microsoft release an update to word which resulted in some users of the templates experience an issue where the the first page with the letterhead was showing as blank with all of the text on starting on the second page. There are two known solutions to this issue:

  1. Update your version of word so that it is at least version 13001.20384 (if 32 bit) or 16001.20384 (if 64bit) – most users report that this has solved the issue; or
  2. Open up your Letterhead document (using the Edit button in Preferences > Letters) and seeing if the Letterhead has either a Carriage Return or a Space at the beginning of the document (use the Show/Hide formatting marks highlighted in yellow). If it does not, add a Space to the document, and then save.

If you are still having issues please contact our support team to let us know. Contact Support



What is in the Update

This update includes the following:

    • Accounts
      • Accounts Search – Added the ability to use the description field to search “received from” for receipts
      • Invoices – Added a “Without Print” option under the Finalise button to enable the saving and finalising of an invoice without merging a document
      • Invoices – Fixed an issue where in limited circumstances directly editing a fee on an invoice did not save the changes.
      • Preferences – Fixed an issue where account type wasn’t displayed in the BPAY window.
      • Time sheet – fixed an error which occurred if the default time unit was set to 5 minutes instead of 6.
      • Trust Statement Report – Modified to now use the standard Trust Statement template when sending by email or message
    • Client Detail
      • Country Fields- Added North Macedonia as a country option
      • Nominations – When saving a Nomination as a template it now saves the location.
    • Emails
      • Email Capture – Fixed an issue where if the reference number in the subject line of an email contained lower and uppercase letters it would not match
    • File Notes
      • File Notes – Fixed a rare issue where in a user constantly receives a file note lock warning.
    • Portal
      • Notifications – Added a notification to the bottom of the main window showing any portal errors received.
      • Portal – When downloading documents sent by your client, the original file name will now be saved to the Tags.
    • Reports
      • Batch VEVO – added the ability to add or update visa information from the Batch VEVO results
      • Reports – Added a column for client name to the deposit requests report
      • Reports – Under nominations added Intended Start Date and Intended Cessation Date as report fields
      • System Reports – Changing Matter ID has been added to the System log
    • Snapshot and Tasks Window
      • Snapshot – Fixed an issue where setting the snapshot preferences to show the next 90 days resulted in an error
      • Snapshot – Fix an issue where a document sent internally which has then been placed in To Do Now or Do Later was not showing on the snapshot count when marked complete.
    • Other
      • Batch Import – Additional import fields added for Applicant Current Visa Type, Applicant Current Visa Number, Applicant Current Visa Grant Date, Applicant Current Visa Expiry Date, Applicant Current Visa Conditions, Applicant Current Visa Track in Snapshot
      • Site Accessible check – Added a check for QP AP

Full details on what is included in this and previous Portal and Web Questionnaire updates can be found on our release notes: Release Notes


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