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As part of our ongoing series of posts about the major changes made to Migration Manager in Version 8, in this article we cover the new VEVO functionality.The VEVO Search functionality is built into Migration Manager’s new eVisa launch window which interacts with the Department of Immigration’s ImmiAccount system. If you have an ImmiAccount with VEVO authorisation, then you can use Migration Manager’s VEVO Search function to undertake searches on people you have recorded in Migration Manager.

The undertaking of a VEVO search is very straightforward and can usually be completed in just a few steps.:

  1. First, you either open an existing file or create a new file and record the migrants basic details.
  2. Next, click on the eVisa button in the main toolbar. When the eVisa launch window appears choose VEVO from the first dropdown.
  3. A window will now appear asking you to select, edit or add details about the individuals in this file you want to perform a search on.
  4. When you are ready, click the search button and login to your ImmiAccount via Migration Manager’s ImmiAccount logon screen.
  5. Migration Manager will now proceed to undertake the search. You don’t need to click anything.
  6. When the search has finished, your results will be saved as PDF linked in to the Progress tab (which will include a progress entry for the search as well as the date it was completed). A copy of the PDF and JPEG will also be stored in the Documents tab.

And that its. Short and simple, but very useful for those who perform VEVO searches all of the time. To help you get a better overview of how VEVO Search works we have created a detailed instruction page in a our user manual (click here to read) and put together a short example video . The example video shows how someone might use VEVO to do a search on a new client, such as at the time of an initial consultation, and it follows the steps we have outlined above. Note that for the best view of the video, we recommend making it full screen.

Please note the video is stored on Vimeo, which some users may be unable to access due to internet restrictions. If you are affected by this, please contact our support team and we will provide you with an alternative link.


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