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The latest update of Migration Manager sees the release of our Web Questionnaires to all users. We have put together an FAQ to help you get started.

What are the Web Questionnaires?

The Web Questionnaires (also known as WCIQ) are our new online Client Information Questionnaires that are designed to give you the ability to collect detailed information from your clients in a secure and easy to use manner. They have major benefits over using the PDF Questionnaires including:

  • They work on mobile devices and all main stream browsers
  • Your clients don’t need to read instructions to figure out how to open them (they still should read your instructions)
  • You have real time tracking of how your client is progressing
  • They can be updated by us quickly and your clients will immediately have the latest version available to them even if they are mid way through completing one.


Do you have instructions on how to use the Web Questionnaires?

To get started with using the Web Questionnaires we have created a number of new User Manual articles and we recommend that you start by reading the following articles:


Do I need to use the Client Portal to use the Web Questionnaires?

Yes. The Web Questionnaires are housed within the Portal for security reasons. However, you don’t need to use any other part of the Portal if you don’t want to. You can just use it for Web Questionnaires – we even hide the other sections of the Portal if you aren’t using them.

If you haven’t yet set up the Portal, we recommend reading: Setting Up the Secure Client Portal


Can I still use the PDF Questionnaires?

Yes. The PDF Questionnaires are still fully functional and can continue to be used.


Do the Web Questionnaires work on mobiles and tablets?

Yes. From the outset one of the most important objectives we had when designing the Web Questionnaires was for them to work on mobile phones and tables. Whilst we can’t promise that it will work beautifully on every type of mobile device out there (there a literally 1000s of types) it has been tested and works well on all mainstream devices (released in the last 4 years) such as iPhones, iPads, Android devices along with desktop browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox and IE.


Are all of the Web Questionnaires available yet?

No. The first round of WCIQ releases have been focused on Student, 482, 485, and 189/190.  Our objective has been to gradually increase what is available to ensure that everything works as intended and that all of our systems can handle the volume going through them – its not best practice to go from a 0 to 100 straight up. By progressively releasing the type of questionnaires available we can scale our servers and systems accordingly in a controlled manner. Our Client Portal now averages over 10,000 users (migrants) a month and we expect this to increase exponentially as we roll out more Questionnaires.

We will shortly be adding Questionnaires for the 400 and 489 visas with the intention that we will be adding Partner and Parent visas along with Citizenship early in the new year when we push out the next major Migration Manager software release. Other Questionnaire types (including Business Sponsor Questionnaires) will follow after.


How secure are the Questionnaires?

We have worked with security testers to ensure that the Questionnaires are very secure. All data is stored in an encrypted format such that even if someone did manage to penetrate all of our various industry leading security features on the Portal, they would be unable to do anything with the information anyway. However, as the history of the internet has taught us, nothing online can ever be guaranteed to be 100% safe, but the Web Questionnaires and the Client Portal (including our encrypted messaging system) are significantly more secure than the sending of information by email. Security and privacy is at the forefront of our development priority when it comes to the Portal.


What is a WCIQ?

It stands for Web Client Information Questionnaire.


Do you have any upcoming seminars that cover Web Questionnaires

Yes, we have upcoming seminars where we will be covering the Web Questionnaires in detail in Sydney and Melbourne (other cities will be announced soon)

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